Cynthia Trainer Card Picture

Name: Cynthia Carolina
Age: 27
Birthplace: Celestic Town
Starter Pokemon: Eevee
Status: Master Trainer

Bio: From a young age, Cynthia had an incredibly high interest in the world around her, often times spending many hours of her childhood in the library, studying about world culture and about the history of the past. As she grew older, her obsession with archaeology grew as well and unlike most trainers who started their journeys at 10 years of age, Cynthia instead stayed behind to study in school, her desire to increase her knowledge growing with each passing day, especially taking great notice in the mythos that connected Humans to Pokemon and how the world the human race knew came to be in the first place. At the age of 16, Cynthia set out on a journey on her own, taking a few of her Pokemon with her as she began to research the many different ruins of the Sinnoh Region along with both of her Grandparents.

Even while traveling with her family to study the region with her younger sister stayed at home with their parents, this did not stop Cynthia from catching and training Pokemon and in fact, it were these travels that allowed Cynthia to discover the new evolutions of Eevee; Glacion and Leafeon and even discover the extremely rare Pokemon; Spiritomb. Through her travels, Cynthia also challenged many of the Gym Leaders of the Sinnoh region at that time, easily earning her 8 badges that qualified her to participate in the Sinnoh Pokemon League Tournament. By winning the tournament, Cynthia was given the right to challenge the Sinnoh Elite Four and through her great efforts, defeated all four powerful trainers, earning the title of Pokemon Champion of Sinnoh.

Despite this new recognition for her strength as a trainer, Cynthia did not stop there and instead left her family to travel the many different regions of the world to battle different trainers and study the different Pokemon and Human mythologies the world had to offer her. It was during this time that Lance Blackthorn took a great interest in the woman and the overwhelming power she displayed as a trainer and decided to challenge the young woman to a battle. Despite losing the battle, Cynthia was crowed a true Pokemon Master by Lance and many of the other Masters who were incredibly impressed with her level of skill. Even with this title as a trainer, Cynthia is still a researcher first and foremost, vanishing for months on end to study the mythology of the different known regions of the land but still maintains a good training schedule with her Pokemon to continue increasing their potential. While Cynthia herself is a very friendly people-person, she keeps her personal life, including her home hidden away from the public and very few people in the world know about the woman personally outside of her career as an archaeologist and her duties as a Pokemon Champion.

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