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Okay, so this is a Meme for Adapted TV Shows. When I say Adapted, I mean that the material in the TV Shows were adapted from something else, be it books, myths and Legends, or Fairytales. They could all be considered the same, but in different categories LOL! So, here goes.

GAME OF THRONES: This was guaranteed a spot on my list. The Top Spot to be precise. If I was going to have a Number 1 it would be this. Having read all the books and watched all the episodes so far, I am always amazed by what this show can do with what it has. There is no way I could not love this books to tv adaptation. The fact that Sean Bean played the part of Eddard 'Ned' Stark just made my Millenium literally. But every actor on there is quality and the writers are fantastic. Plus they're the only ones who know what's going to happen in the Song of Ice and Fire series, just in case George R R Martin pops his clogs before finishing writing the series. (He had better not damn well die before he finishes writing those books or I'll haunt him in the afterlife)

MERLIN: I loved Merlin from beginning to end, all five seasons, though I would have liked a more upbeat ending. Merlin is an adaptation of Arthurian Legend, with loads of Historical inaccuracies, but we can forgive it because Merlin and Arthur have such an epic bromance. (nods)

ONCE UPON A TIME: A series based on the idea of the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, placing a curse on every fairytale character (not to mention a 30's movie land and Wonderland bunch of characters) that takes away all their happy endings. You get to see all the different Fairytale characters in a new way. It's excellent.

ELEMENTARY: This is a modernised adaptation of the original Sherlock Holmes, and props to the writers for sneaking in some odd references to the original book series every chance they get. Now why this adaptation got my vote, rather that SHERLOCK by the BBC, is 1, because Johnny Lee Miller plays the part of an eccentric, almost crazy, former heroin addict, Sherlock Holmes. I love Johnny Lee Miller. I've seen quite a few of his films and such, and seeing him as Sherlock Holmes is such a blast for me. 2, I haven't actually watched the English Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch in it yet. I know it's shocking, all you Sherlock fans who read this, are probably cussing me (if you got this far) and asking why. Mainly because I've seen so many adaptations of Sherlock Holmes that I didn't think this one would be any better than all the others, and when I heard that it apparently was, I just haven't found the time to go and watch it. But the main reason that Elementary caught my eye (apart from Johnny Lee Miller) is that Watson, Holmes' sidekick, is played by Lucy Liu. That's right, Watson is a woman. I'm actually hoping they play it straight and Watson and Holmes stay in a platonic bromance sort of relationship. It would tarnish the whole series if the writers decided to get Watson and Sherlock together. I'd be disappointed. Anywho, it is worth watching, and I love it, so there it is.

THE 10TH KINGDOM: Yet another TV Series based on adapting original fairytales. But it came before all the others. The 10th Kingdom is just that epic. The titular 10th Kingdom is actually our world, while the other nine kingdoms are actually all the fairytale kingdoms. It's amazing. I can't say that enough.

THE ADVENTURES OF SINBAD: An epic show, based around Sinbad the Sailor, one of the many characters of the 1001 Tales of The Arabian Nights. But I loved it, cheesy as it was, I was so upset when they ended it after the second series, with none of my questions answered. But it was worth watching. In fact I used to watch it with my brothers every Saturday on Channel five.

HERCULES THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS/XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS: You can't mention one without the other. It's like mentioning Angel without Buffy or vice versa. (If you don't know who Angel and Buffy are, go back to your rock, crawl under it and just stay there. Do not come back) Hercules is the son of Zeus and a Mortal woman called Alcemene, in Greek Mythology, and Hercules The Legendary Journeys just puts a whole new spin on it, Xena: Warrior Princess was a spin off show, and became just as popular with it own fanbase that rivalled, maybe even topped the Hercules fanbase. Could be a lot to do with the fact that Xena and her sidekick Gabrielle were often implied to be Lesbians. Whether they are or not is never actually revealed in the series, althoug we do get those moments where we think they definitely could be. But who cares, it was a show about a woman kicking ass. I loved it.

CAMELOT: Another adaptation of the King Arthur Legend. I could have picked other series' like Mists of Avalon. (which was also good and deserves an Honourable Mention just for that) but I picked Camelot, because it competed with Merlin and was so popular that when STARZ cancelled it after it's one and only series (the bastards, they destroy everything good. Who remembers HEX? I still do, and it was STARZ that ruined it for me by cancelling with the worst ending) Camelot was grittier than the BBC's Merlin, and far more true to the original legend. It really was great and I personally would have loved to see a second series. It would have been epic. But STARZ ruined it by cancelling (again) so we're left with one series of epicness. But on the whole the actors were effing brilliant, and Joseph Fienne's kicked ass as an Older Merlin. Really, he was fabulous and good looking and his acting as a tortured soul was superb.

JEKYLL: Jekyll was a modernised Jekyll and Hide. It was fantastic and so well acted and played out. Even the ending was a shock, and I've read the original Docter Jekyll and Mr Hyde book by Robert Louis Stevenson.

MORTAL KOMBAT CONQUEST: For the first time this is NOT a book adaptation, but an adaptation of a video game. Mortal Kombat Conquest is based on Liu Kang's (Main protaginist in most Mortal Kombat games) ancestor, Kung Lao, who beat Shang Tsung's ass in Mortal Kombat and gets to stay ageless until the next tournament. However, Shao Kahn is so peed off that he puts Shang Tsung in a bunch of Cobalt Mines to punish him, and from there, Shang Tsung is always planning revenge on Kung Lao. Of course, what makes this seires come on to my top ten list here, is because of how this series ends. I will not reveal it, because it would spoil it for anyone who wanted to watch it. But it is so epic that it took me by the head and smashed all sorts of new ideals into it. No really, it was that epic, because I'd never seen a series end like that before. So yeah.

Anywho, I would do honourable Mentions, but I might just make another one tomorrow, because I have a LOT of them that didn't make this list. (nods) Hope you all like it. The blank base will be up soon after this one.
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