Golden Mask - Redone* Title: The Dreaming Picture

Golden Mask - Redone* Title: The Dreaming

This mask is not papier-mâché. It is paper sculpture.
It’s quite thick in some places and very strong.
It took many, many hours to complete.
This is the first of many masks that I have created.

I’ve done some work on this piece. After I sanded the surface I painted on a primer coat. Then I painted it a couple different colours such as silver and metallic red before settling on a luminous gold. Afterwards, I brushed a couple coats of sealer on it.

I found an excellent stand that it is now attached to. I’ve taken the mask to conventions and had it in some art shows. Some people have asked how much it costs. Since this is my first mask I am reluctant to sell it. I like it too much.

I still wonder about this mask and the god Morpheus.
After some thought I’ve entitled this mask The Dreaming.

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