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Well, here's Blazermon's Hope Armor digivolution. Since this type of armor is hooved in theme, I decided to go with dragon deer. When I typed that in google I got the Qilin. In chinese mythology these guys bring prosperity to blighted areas and were know to guard the emperor. Which I thought worked perfectly for the theme. I tried to go with light, bright and earthly tones for the overall color scheme. Still getting the hang of shading, so it could be better.

As an attack type, Qilinmon is while not a glass-cannon, more of a distance fighter. Preferring to stay out of direct combat, it uses the spirits that reside within its orbs for the majority of its offense. They rely on agility and stamina when forced to directly confront their opponents, which is shown by its only melee attack, Prancing Halo.


Qilin + mon (A Chinese mythical creature associated with a good omen thought to occasion prosperity. It is sometimes considered the Chinese unicorn)

Title: The majesty of hope

Attribute: Vaccine

Level: Armor

Type: Mythical dragon-deer digimon

Digiegg of Hope

Family: Wind Guardian, Dragon’s Roar, Nature Spirits


Guardian’s Spirits – The orb’s carried by Qilinmon begin to give off flames like those that are given off by it’s body. These flames form into small fire-dragon spirits that Qilin can control. They can either attack the target in a swarm, or fuse together to create into one larger spirit to cause more damage. However, they are used more often than not as a defensive maneuver. Qilin will direct them to form a wall or shield around it or those it is protecting. The spirits can also deflect attacks away from Qilinmon.

Purifying Majesty – This attack is used to purify areas of corrupted data or that are contaminated in some way. Qilinmon can use this attack to also heal those digimon inflicted by corrupted data. As an attack in battle Qilinmon’s body glows brightly before letting lets loose a huge bout of purifying flame at his opponent in a blinding flash.

Prancing Halo – Qilinmon charges the opponent in a prancing motion with his antlers, which are swathed in holy fire. Qilinmon Attacks multiple times by bashing the opponent around using his antlers, then throwing the opponent into the air to be impaled by its sharp antlers.

Info: Qilinmon act as guardians for sanctuaries and holy places. They are tireless guards who will patrol their allotted areas without fail attacking anything that identifies itself as a threat. You should count yourself lucky if allowed into one of their sanctuaries, there are no places as full of life and hope as these. They are known to show up in battle only when it seems hope will be lost to turn the tide. The spirits that reside within Qilinmon’s orbs were once malevolent creatures formed from corrupted code world that were purified by Qilinmon. Qilinmon are also used in locating and restoring corrupted code in order to keep the digital world running at full capacity. Finally, Qilinmon can float in the air using their flames to keep them aloft.

Digimon c Toei/Bandai
Qilinmon belongs to me!!!!!!!!

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