Forseti Picture

Norse god of Justice and son of Baldr.

In my version he hated his parents because frankly they were useless and tended to forget he existed. To make sure he was fed and looked after frigg basically adopted him though baldr would not allow him to move in with her. Still he spent very little time at home from a very young age.
When he was about 7 he started to hang out with his Uncle Vidar who taught him all about right and wrong and had a very definite sense of justice.
Then when he was 15 he persuaded his mother, Nanna, who was a Vanir servant that came over with the hostages, that he should learn about Vanir culture. he was desperate to get away from them and thought it was the best way. So he was allowed to go live with Nanna's family in Vanaheim where he learned about the corrupt council and general lawlessness. He showed the people of Vanaheim the truth and got a new system of democracy put in place and by the time he was 18 the place was running much better.
Since he was now officially an adult he could return to Asgard and be given his own hall, so he moved back there got married and lived a much happier life away from his parents.
He is now considered the best person to settle disputes and Odin sends almost all criminals to him to be judged. (except the real bad ones which Vidar handles)
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