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"I love the earth, and the earth loves me. I nurture and care for the earth, and she cares and nurtures me in turn. Thus, as a Star Warrior, if I need to use the earth as a weapon, then I'll do so. I'll call to the earth for help, and the earth will answer in kind."

-Guardian Sailor Zemyna, Soldier of the Tree, the Stone, and Mother Earth, member of the Star Warriors, the Lady Zemyna.

Many are the Sailor Senshi that comprise the Star Warriors, and they all come from different worlds to serve a common purpose. While this does cause the Star Warriors to have such immense numbers of Senshi and a wide range of different Sailor Warriors, there's another reason why there are so many unique Senshi within the order. It is because each individual Senshi chooses her form according to her interests or skills. Thus, there exists a vast number of Senshi within the Star Warriors of widely diverse types. Some are elemental Senshi, while others are celestial, others historical, others regional. In the case of this Senshi, she chose to uphold the old traditions of her home region, as well as the element of nature that she loves the most.

Liudvika Svedas is a native of Earth, specifically the Baltic country of Lithuania. She was raised in the countryside, developing a love of nature, especially the earth and all its children (trees, forests, grasslands, mountains, etc.). As an adult, she took up a career as a gardener and landscaper; in addition, Liudvika took up jewelmaking as a hobby, loving to work with the gems of the earth. She was also a valued and helpful member of her community, even having had some experience in volunteer services abroad in other countries. She proved an ideal candidate for the Star Warriors when they came to her country seeking new recruits; she was the only Lithunian chosen. Like all the other recruits that were chosen, Liudvika went through with her training, passing all the tests and learning well from her instructors. When the time came for her initiation, Liudvika decided to borrow the name of one of the old goddesses of ancient Lithuanian lore. She became Sailor Zemyna, named after the chief earth goddess of Lithuanian mythology.

Five decades later, Liudvika remains a devoted Sailor Senshi of the order, and has enjoyed great success in her civilian life, forming her own gardening and landscaping business that is often put to use during her Star Warrior missions that involve humanitarian aid. She is also now a leader of her own Senshi team, having attained the rank of Guardian several years past. All in all, Liudvika Svedas enjoys a coveted position as a Sailor Senshi of the Order of the Star Warriors, and is regarded as a capable one by her sisters.

Weapons and Items

Gold earth pendant- placed upon her chest, this gold pendant with a green emerald embedded inside serves as her Transformation Item. All that is needed to transform Liudvika into her Senshi form is an incantation- spoken in Lithuanian- and energy derived from the earth.

The Earth Rod- her primary Attack Item takes the form of a golden rod capped with silver ends, each with the mark of a leaf and stone. This magical item allows Liudvika to control the earth itself, including trees, vines, roots, gems, rock, and more. She is quite the avid dancer and twirler with this rod.

Secondary rod- another rod of smaller size, it is a potent magical item but nowhere near as powerful as its larger cousin. It is used by Liudvika whenever she's in her civilian form, and is primarily used only for emergencies.

Earth's Reach- this mechanical gauntlet was crafted for her by expert technicians of a military company. The gauntlet can enhance the strength in Liudvika's left arm threefold, and is outfitted with four micro-railguns that use built-in magnets to gather up tiny particles of stone and metal to fire at her foes. During a fight in the southern Milky Way in which she and several Star Warriors fought alongside Space Marines of the Crimson Fists Chapter, Liudvika saved the life of one of the Chapter's Techmarines (warrior-engineers) by throwing herself in the line of fire. In gratitude, the Techmarine did two things, the first being to modify her gauntlet by incorporating an electoo-covered mechadendrite (tentacle) that gathers up electrical energy from any source. The result is a whip-like weapon that crackles with potent energy, which Liudvika uses to great effect.

The Red Mark- the second repayment made by the Techmarine whose life was saved by her was gifting Liudvika with a specially hand-crafted boltgun. A Tigrus Delta-pattern, the boltgun was fitted with a small kinetic rod with the end shaped into the form of a red fist, the icon of the Crimson Fists made into a real weapon. Should the gun run out of bullets, Liudvika can use the spring-loaded rod to give unsuspecting foes a punch that can break jaws, noses, and skulls.

Known attacks

Earth Hydra Strike- a potent attack, it enables Liudvika to control vines and roots at an instinctual level and with such precision it's as if the earth itself is fighting the foe. Countless vines and tree roots can be seen erupting from the ground and lashing out at any nearby enemy, but Liudvika can also use this ability to create cunning traps, webs, or barriers if necessary.

Earth Prahna Cleanse- an attack of pure energy, it draws heavily upon the Hindu concept of prahna- that is, the very life force of the earth and the universe. Liudvika, by virtue of her strong connection to the Earth, is capable of channeling this potent energy and using it to either heal destroyed regions of the earth, spiritually heal people, and destroy any supernatural entities that are otherwise impervious to physical harm.


Due to her abilities as an Earth Senshi, Liudvika's duties as a Star Warrior gravitate primarily towards humanitarian relief, volunteer work, and ecological and environmental projects. She owns a gardening and landscaping business back in her native country, which she has used from time to time to assist with relief efforts and "green" projects. Of course, as a Sailor Senshi of the Star Warriors, Liudvika has also seen her share of conflicts. Among her record of service are the following:

.One of the most notable and celebrated missions of the Star Warriors is the chronicled "Salvation of Angelrise." Angelrise was one of the most beautiful planets in the entire Milky Way, having an Eden-like quality to it and with such beauty the planet earned itself the nickname "Eden of the Stars." Renowned as a pleasure planet, vacation hotspot, tourist attraction, and utopian colony, Angelrise was laid low by an ancient bioweapon left behind by a forgotten empire millennia ago, who once had a military base on this planet, as the studies later revealed. Regardless, the bioweapon was utterly lethal to all forms of organic life, and once unleashed, it turned the Eden-like beauty of Angelrise into an actual hell. Almost the entire planet was destroyed when the Star Warriors, at the head of a vast relief fleet, came to restore the planet. Armed with information of the bioweapon's design, the scientists and geneticists accompanying the relief force were able to create an antibody that stopped the bioweapon in its tracks. Afterwards, an immense terraforming effort to restore Angelrise began, a task that took ten years to complete. Liudvika was among the many Earth Senshi to help in the terraforming effort; her skills as a landscaper came in handy, as did her earth-based powers.

A new Senshi of my own design, an Earth-based Senshi of the Star Warriors. Decided to make it even, adding lovely browns and greens. And of course, to my 40k watchers, I've added a little 40k to the mix, in the form of a bolter in the colors of the Crimson Fists Chapter. Enjoy.

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