The Witcher Picture

You are a mutant my friend, the faster you come to terms with this truth, the better it will be for you. You will quickly learn to take what is offered and disappear when your presence is no longer desired. You are without question, unique. Yet this is exactly the factor that puts you in the same precarious position as non-humans who tend to find themselves impaled or hanging from trees. For it is their simple existence that triggers resentment, animosity, and hatred from the common folk-any pretext is a good pretext to show them their proper place. How is it then that Witchers, while equally non-human and different to the common people, do not share the fate of these poor devils? The answer is twofold.

First, there are relativly few Witchers that still walk the earth. Stastistically speaking, therefore, you are far more likely to encounter an elf than a Witcher, such as yourself. And second, you possess a couple of rather forceful arguments: a solid sword and a simple set of life rules.

The blades you carry are your lifelines. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that your ability to wield them appropriately when dealing death to your adversaries makes each and every of your challengers reassess their life-chances twice before engaging in combat with you. However, your superior fighting abilities have not made you arrogant. You do not simply revert to force when no such reversion is needed. When there is still possibility of conflict resolution - even using extreme measures - you do not tempt fate and wish yourself a shorter life; instead you sheath your sword. Yet, make no mistake, you will be unrelenting and without remorse once the decision is made to engage.

Ultimately, however, you are no saint and you do not care to save the world - you simply want to survive, whilst remaining true to your profession.

Yet, however tough and devoid of emotion you might seem, there will be times when a flicker of sentiment will pierce through your supposedly non-existent heart. Will you heed that voice inside you? That, my friend, is a choice you will have to make.
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