The Healing Touch Picture

The door opened.

In came Simon.

When he came in and saw the tavern was empty, with no one but Leona tending the bar, he silently cursed to himself. This was the last thing he wanted right now.

"Ah, you're back." Leona called out, casually cleaning a mug, her fingers deftly wrapped around a wet rag. She smiled a bit, still trying to give the new errand boy the feeling that he was welcome.

"Yep." Simon said, already crossing in the shadows as casually as he could manage. The limp did not help. But he figured he could still feign good condition. The stairs were in sight, and in the corner of the second story was his room. All he had to do was walk. And draw as little attention as possible.

Leona smiled and looked up, her mind already forming the string of smalltalk lines and icebreakers for the new guy. But she immediately frowned when she laid eyes on him. "Oh Gods. What happened to you?"

Simon stopped dead in his tracks, the slyness draining from him and dribbling onto the floor. From the look of him he was bruised and ragged. His shirt had a few cuts stained with his own blood and his jacket had nearly lost it's sewn-on sleeve. His hair was mussed, face half bruised and half covered in dirt, and one of his pant legs was ripping slightly at the knee.

He took a short sigh and turned to the nymph, who was eyeing him with a look of great concern. "Bounty was a little rough. But I'm alright-"

"You're limping. And those wounds look pretty fresh. Maybe I should treat them in case-"

"I'm good." He reassured, trying to make another break for his room. "A bath and some rest will do me just fine." He may have been limping but he had a decent pace to him. The lantern-lit stairs were in sight, their shadows flickering with the chaotic movements of the flame. "Don't go to any trouble for-"

"Simon-" At the mouth of the stairway his view of the stairs was suddenly blocked by a set of hips that covered most of his view. He looked up, straining his neck just a bit, and found Leona looking down at him. The way she stood highlighted her height. He knew he was short, and she was taller than almost any other nymph in town, but the size difference was most apparent at that moment. He was like a small child to her. Possible the closest he had come to emasculation due to size difference. With Lilith and Aisling it was far less personal, them being utterly gigantic to not only him but all tinyfolk. But Leona was taller in a more tangible way. "You're injured. You need medical attention." She placed both hands on her shapely hips. "Now please go over there and I'll treat your wounds."

Simon blinked. She was clearly the bigger person. His social ability in terms of assertion and ego were nothing. Even if he wanted to find some kind of flimsy justification for denying medical attention, he simply couldn't find the will to spit it out. Defeated, in more ways than one, Simon made his way over the bar and climbed up onto the counter, which in itself made him feel very small. It came up to his chest, and onto a little past her waist.

It was clear he would spend his days as a subordinate to larger women who were extremely curvaceous.

"Alright. Take your jacket off."

Simon sighed, removing his patched garment and setting it lightly on the counter.

"Alright, now your shirt."


"Shirt. Off. Now."

Simon had a firm image of self. He was small, scrawny, capable to a point, but still very insignificant. He had mulled over this point and hammered it home again and again to curve his ego so it was intrusive and devoid of narcissism. And yet at that moment he felt scrawny and unimpressive. Slightly insecure. Also still aching from the whopping he had been given earlier that day. Defeated, he removed his undershirt and rested it on top of his coat.

Almost instantly he felt her plump bosom push against his back slightly, its warmth spreading over his recently scabbed wounds.

"....doesn't look too bad."

"Doesn't feel all that bad."

"Mind telling me what happened to your leg?"

"Nothing much. Just kinda...took a mace to it." Simon slouched a bit under the weight of her chest.

Leona widened her blue eyes a bit, then sighing and taking a wet rag over the wounds, Simon gripping the countertop as she did.

"No big deal. Honestly. I can still-"

"You can drop the tough guy act, Simon. You may have nerves of steel but you still have nerves." She ran a rag uncomfortably around his cheek. Simon tried to stay as still as possible yet still seem comfortable and flexible.

"..." Simon sighed, thinking over how despite keeping a mindset that he had very little pride, he was probably still holding onto as much as he could. "...sorry. It's just...I figured it wasn't worth the attention."

"What? The lacerations or the muscle damage?" Leona teased.

"Just...the trouble. I got careless and...well..." Pride sufficiently swallowed.

"We all get careless." Leona leaned in, her bust resting softly on his shoulder, and gave him a comforting smile. He was bright red with embarrassment. "Don't be so hard on yourself."

Simon blinked a bit and looked down at his hanging feet, the aching in his knee now very apparent.


Remember Leona? That whole summer job thing where Simon runs errands for an inn and also hunts bounties? Well that's still sort of a thing. Though summer is coming to a close, I still like this little setting. Leona doesn't have too much character yet, but I'm hoping to round her out and develop her as well as get a feel for her design.

Picture's alright. Admittedly it's more just two characters doing stuff than a fan service piece. Leona's plentiful rack is there, but not on full display...

Haven't nailed down the design for Leona yet. The way her eyes are drawn is a little bit different from the rest of the cast, and the eyes are sort of my point of focus. But I'll get there maybe or not I dunno.
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