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Valeria is a curious and adventurous young girl who wishes to explore the world and it's many wonders more than anything, and when it is revealed to her that she belongs to Shakmat the Dragonslayer's bloodline she joins king Roderick's party in order to finally see the world beyond her village.

She is inspired by:
Achilles - Like him and Sigurd, Valeria is invulnerable to damage, unlike them however she doesn't have any weak spot. Her invulnerability comes from her shard of the dragonblood curse. She is one of only three "dragonbloods" with this status.

Link from Majora's Mask - In MM, the hero of courage faces a challenge much different than fighting his destined oponent once again, here Link lives thru a fast-forward representation of the stages of grief in a world that is experimenting a terminal illness of the moon-crashing kind. In her world Valeria faces something very similar once she understands that thru her invulnerability she will age at a torturously slow pace and see the world around her die time and time again before, if ever, she can join her loved ones in eternal sleep.

Destination Truth - Valeria is not as much of a joker as Josh, but she is deeply interested in legends and myths, and of course finding out if they're true. She is also reckless in her adventuring and has horrid luck with vehicles.

Sonia Belmont - A young woman from a legendary bloodline, Valeria also has the ability to see spirits. While ghost sightings and paranormal experiences are common in her world, most people can only experience them as glimplses, however the people with skills or abilities that grant them some sort of perpetual resistance to death can not only experience them copletely, but attract and seemingly anger ghosts as well.

Lara Croft - The one from Legends-Underworld, not the more sociopathic one from previous games nor the goreporn Katniss wanabe from the 2013 game. Valeria is very adventurous, acrobatic and quite skilled at physics-puzzle solving. She also has an intense interest in historical items and places as well as in the legendry and mysticism in them.

Jessica Stam - Jessie is the go-to reference for Valeria's facial features and gestures.

Richard Castle - Valeria is incredibly genre savvy, coming up with ideas, solutions and wild theories of how stuff happened or is gonna happen out of books she has read and stories she has heard. She is also really exited whenever stuff actually happens accordingly and goes full-on fangirl about legendary stuff.

Ariel - More than anything, she just wants to see the world beyond and understand all the things she has heard or read about but hasn't actually experienced. She's headstrong and naive at first, thankfuly she has more time than Ariel to grow up as a character.

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