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The Grave Haven
Before the titans arrived The Grave was one of mankind's more marvelous achievements in engineering.
A massive self sustaining underground prison colony keep away and out of the line lights of the general populous.
It was a prison reserved for the most diabolical criminals, and was overseen by its own private military, known as the grave keepers.
Those sent to this prison would die in this prison, until the titans came.

The grave was built in and below a mountian platow thats 4 hundred Meter high, called tomb stone plateau.
Two miles out from the base was built the Tomb stone fortress, which protects the entrance to The Grave.
Tomb stone fortress itself was built right before the titans attacked and has two walls. One slanted 20 meter wall around its outer parameter and another 35 meter tall wall on its inner parameter. The outerwalls gate is an underground causeway going beheagh the wall itself, the door is a heavy metal vertically sliding plate designed to withstand heavy bombardment.
The Inner gate is designed the same way. There was a third outer wall that was just 12 meters high but was easily scaled by 15 meter titans. Tomb stone fortress can house and facilitate 250 personal at any given time and is occupied by nothing but Grave keepers. The Entrance to the grave is a two and a half mile long heavily reinforced mining tunnel that goes right into the base of the plateau, only 3 meters wide and 4 meters tall. This stops most titans from entering the grave itself, and the 5 meter titans that can fit find themselves victims of several cannons inside the tunnel aimed at the entrance.
There are three emergency slide doors in the tunnel itself to prevent escape but double as an emergency seals encase titans do manege to take tomb stone fortress. There is a network of human sized tunnels under and around the fort and the entrance.

The Grave is built inside and under the Plateau itself and can house and facilitate 30 thousand people.
The grave receives air vea vents tunneled into the sides and to the top of the plateau itself. The air shafts on top the plateau are also walled in.

After the titans came, many scientest and military escaped to the facility and quickly retrofitted it to act as a shelter.
Called from that point on, the Grave Haven.
The scientist under the control of the military started to use the large number of convicts as guinea pigs to gauge and explore the titans behavior.
One noted discovery was the titans refusal to eat those already dead. This lead to the discovery of neckro oil.
When the titans vomit was melted down (body's included) and applied like a putrid body lotion, it rendered those wearing it invisible to the titans granted they lay lifeless. To those in the grave haven the titans vomit was like gold but they only vomited like this after consuming tones of people. The grave keepers started weekly night excursions outside the wall using the neckro oil.
They approached fighting the titans in a different way, using stealth deception and silent maneuvering to be unseen by the titans during the day. If sighted they where trained to remain frozen in place and appear lifeless, to the titan they blended into the surroundings. They would kill the titans as they lay dormant in the dark of the night.
Theru these tactic the grave haven began to prosper, but division began as half wanted to stay inside the walls of the grave wile others wanted to branch out and seek out the mythical citadel the last refuge of mankind.
This was when the titans began to appear within the walls of the grave haven. Randomly appearing attacking people then disappearing again. It wasn't long before it was found out that those highly exposed to the neckro oil began to randomely change into titans. On of the telling signs of this condition was the formation of black bands on the skin near the joints.
Those with this infliction where there after identified as Titan banded.

Refusing to facilitate those banded, the grave keepers started to build small settlements outside the grave haven in a newly built walled in section near the plateau itself called the raven sector. Soon raven city was born as the first grave haven settlement above ground, increasing grave havens population to 50 thousand. Many missing the light of day moved to raven city even with the risk of falling victom to a random titan attack from the baneded that also lived there. Around this time the first few striped titans started to show up, those inflicted would change for one last time and never change back again. With this change thay would lose all sence of themselves and where just as intelligent as any other titans at that point. Dubed striped titans as the bands would translate onto there titan bodys as black stripes which oozed a black acidic slime. The first few striped titans where delt with but at the caust of several hundred men women and children in raven city. The City which was built for the banded was taken from them and they where moved yet again to settlements outside of Tombstone fortress.
In this time something unexpected had been witnessed, children born from banded parents had the ability to shift into titans.
Gifted with the titans regenerative abilities and able to retain there intelligence in there titan bodies.
Theru training they where able to not only better control there body's but also willingly alter there body's shape and size upon shifting. They where called the alpha class titan shifters and where made to be mandatory members of the grave keepers.
The shifters job where to keep tabs on there titan banded ancestors, as well as scout outside the walls.

With the ade of the shifters new and improved methods of killing titans where formed. By mixing explosive powder with oil they created what they called deaths blood. A powerful liquid explosive quickly set off by a titans body heat.
Loading deaths blood into thin glass and clay viles and lauched from bows the grave keepers found a new means of dispatching of there titan foes. Usually taking out the knees of the hips then aiming for the base of the neck. The explosive force from one arrow to the neck was enough to kill a 15 meter titan if aimed right. Instead of coating themselves with the neckro oil they instead boiled it into cloth, creating a new thick pitch black material called neckro cloth. Wearing the neckro cloth had simular results as long as the body was completely covered, and you remain absolutely motionless.
The grave keepers also developed the hook blades coated in the acid produced by the striped titans. As a last resort weapon they could be used to disable the hands or jaws, or climb up a titans body.

The Grave has grown sense it was first retrofitted from being a prison. As such the cells are now single housing units where other cells where merged and expanded to be houses. Most the convicts where put to work digging out newer and larger homes. One cell tear was deliberately flooded to pull water access to the main central chamber and to allow occupation of the nateral cave and water reservoir. In time the system inside the plateau started to resemble a termite colony in both structure and function.
The social structure in the grave is separated into three active classes, the workers, the military, and the scientist.
With a representative elected to impart dictations of the graves behalf.
It may be due to this three party system that has granted the grave a bit off success in comparison to its more resource abundant cousins to the west. In the end, that is the graves greatest flaw, its security comes with the lack of land and resources. If and when a plan of action leads to the death of too many, that plan is quickly abandon and another plan is formulated.
Most of the graves limited resources go into the military and the continued security of the plateau.
A network of tunnels where dug to connect all the vital arias beneath raven city the Sunrise outpost tomb stone fortress and the inner walls. This network was connected to what originally was considered the back door to the prison, but is now the central focal point of the grave keepers watchful eyes.
As the titans mostly come in from the north east direction. If and when they do manage to climb the outer wall they always head north
as to avoid climbing a steep mountain.
In the middle map arias colored with a pink hue are the arias that are the safest from titans from the outside.
These arias are often reserved for the banded and are regularly patrolled.

Lastly an expanded map of the world past the walled city we all know and marked in red the 2 year path taken by hydra in her pursuit of the rogue shifter.
The Walls was originally considered to be due west of the Grave and many expeditions where send that direction with them never returning. Theru there titan shifters, this aria was discovered to be a hive of titans and was dubed the titan Zone.
It was due to this that all hopes of finding the mythological refuge of humanity was abandoned as it was assumed that it lay at the heart of the titan zone. The rogue titan before taking the plans stumbled upon a old map which described the path to the citadel.
This was the path he followed upon realizing only death lie due east from the grave.
The map shown was one drawn up by Hydra herself.

Attack on Titan universe belongs to Hajime Isayama

The Grave haven, Grave keepers, alpha type titan shifters, and striped titans belong too me and are unoffical expansions of attack on titans established world, i openly give permission for other to use this in there own fan fiction.
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