Resting Unrest Picture

"Oooooh, such a dirty little boy Chibi-Kun." Came the rather cute yet sultry voice that sailed through the cold summer night like a little rowboat drifting to shore. She giggled, looking towards the enormous creature whom she rested upon, hoping for a look of approval in her endless search for acceptance in the cold beast's heart. A smile spread across the creature's face, sparking a little grin on the smaller girl's face as well.

"C-Cut it out, p-please I.. I just want to get some sleep or something you know.." Dizkaia mumbled softly, trying his hardest to ignore the figure cuddling against him. He closed the only eye he could for a few moments, the subtle wishes that he would go away gnawing at the back of his mind. "Ooooh, Playing hard to get ehh? Shit son, I didn't even know you were THAT much of a liar, everyone knows you're easy street, A submissive. LITTLE. BITCH." The lithe dark skinned creature purred into his ear before giggling. Another giggle flowed from the pale skinned woman behind him and a deep rumbling chuckle emanated from Chaos. As he laughed, even the ambient sounds of nature seemed to silence.

"Hey now!" Dizzy piped in from where he sat upon Chaos's Other hand, a small mug of hot cocoa resting in his grasp, the steam rising through the cold air. "Leave hi alone! He just want's some rest ok!"

Ragnarok looked to Chaos and then to Nihilism. "Remind him, remind him of how much of a little worthless bitch he really is." She purred, once again stealing a glance towards the creature that held her adoration. She could feel his approval and wanted more and more of it, if even just a smile from his bladed maw she could sustain her lust for a lifetime. Nihilism giggled again and leaned closer to Dizkaia with a smile that could freeze the lifeblood of any creature, living, dead, or construct. "Say to me... that you are my bitch, for now, and for ever."

His words cut like knife through Dizkaia's ego and the pain lingered like a heavy blow to the chest. He went to open his mouth to speak but was interrupted by Chaos himself. "Should one such as yourself even be granted the right to speak? One whom has since turned his back against his friends, family... the gods themselves, one whom has committed such a treacherous act against the gods, Blasphemy and rape towards one you considered a brother? And yet you believe you still have the right to speak?" A deep grin spread over his face, an impossible smile that cut the oxygen from Dizkaia's lungs and kept him from breathing. "Pathetic piece of trash, I don't understand how you can even still live in this world.... Heh.. hehehe.."

The creature giggled a bit before rearing back and letting out a loud roaring laugh, full of enough malice and spite that the lords of hell themselves would even feel unnerved. The laugh was followed by the chuckles of Nihilism and Ragnarok and were cut short as a gunshot rang through the night, followed by the faint sounds of sobbing.

Dizzy, stood back, hands on his little revolver, still trained on the head of the large beast. Chaos turned his head, the bullet hole healing it's self nearly instantly as he did so. "I said.. Leave my father alone..." The boy growled.

Chaos's expression contorted to one, that of pure rage, as he cocked his head to the side, inciting a sickening cracking noise. "Learn this boy, other than in a garbage heap, and trash that isn't in the landfill is nothing more than litter on the streets, litter for me to walk all over until I decide to take the minimal effort to pick it up and relinquish it to the compilation of garbage that encompasses this useless trash heap of a world."

The boy stopped and lowered his gun hesitantly. "And until the time comes when I throw out my garbage, I shall let it rot and fester in it's own filth, until even the roaches and maggots cannot stand it's vile putridity. A fate deserving of a soulless bitch such as your father. Now stay your tongue boy, my patience has grown thin with you as it is, and unless you wish for your father to be forced to rape and dismember yet another person whom he loves dearly you will let us do as we please."

"Now, You two should get some rest, there's a long day ahead of us."

An in an instant the smile returned to Chaos's face, yet the ambient noise of the wilderness did not, and the sobbing continued on through the night.


Just about everyone pictured.

First up is Dizzy! The son of Dizkaia whom had a little one night stand with an "Unnamed" monster (Hmm, those ears of his look familiar). He was introduced way back when when a few pencil mishaps made everyone think he was actually a chick with huge boobs, LOL. Now he's getting reintroduced with the finesse he deserves. Dizzy is by no means evil, however he wants to free his father from the clutch of Chaos and believes that he can't do it unless he's this close. Every day Dizkaia begs his son not to do anything too drastic because he can only keep Chaos's wrath at bay for so long. Dizzy has dreams to become a cowboy and to be the sharpest shooter on Urth.

Boy does he have some competition, heh.

Next up is... Holy shit Chaos has a Son!?

Not really, just like the members of the Order of Chaos and Ragnarok, Nihilism (Better known as EVERYONE as Chibi-Chaos) Is simply an extension of Chaos's power, separated into another form for him to spread his namesake. Chaos did this so as to force himself back to life through Nihilism's body in the event that his was destroyed. Chibi-Chaos accepts this inevitable truth that he is just cannon fodder with malicious glee and believes that he was granted this time on Urth to see just how much shit he can stir up. Though he is just as evil as his "Father" Chibi-Chaos and Dizzy seem to spend a lot of time together. Dizzy believes that it's because he's tamed the "Un-tamable" however Nihilism does so as to see if he can corrupt Dizzy as his father was corrupted so long ago. And also no, He is not GAY, he's actually completely asexual and genderless, however as a being of chaos he REALLY enjoys doing WHATEVER it takes to ruin someone's day.

And last on the introduction list is Ragnarok. None of you have ever seen her in this form, and she is better known in weapon form as the bleeding meaty sword that Chaos wields from time to time. She was named Ragnarok after the end of the world in Norse Mythology meaning "The Final Destination of the Gods" In this case in which Chaos plans to slay every single one of the Gods, I.E. Final resting place. Ragnarok, sometimes called "Ragna" and to a lesser extent "Ra-chan" by her co-workers (Mostly Chibi-Chaos and Dizzy) is an utterly violence hungry, Sadistic, masochistic, being of pure sexual desire. Chaos created her to be the perfect woman (In his eyes) and as such is completely euphoric whenever he relentlessly beats her or uses her to beat on things. She is so lovestruck and lustful for her master that she would willingly take her own life in an instant in the event that it would even remove a scratch from Chaos's body. Alone, Ragnarok can change her body into that of any sort of bladed weaponry and can also use a rather unique ability in which she can skin a person completely in a matter of seconds and keep them alive to feel the entire thing. In Her humanoid form she possesses two sets of arms, one that faces forward and one that faces backward, and she is covered in mouths.

As for Dizkaia and Chaos, you all know who those two are and if you don't.


lol. Anywho, I did this a few months back as a fun pic in the same light as the Yami/Nitros/Silencer/Katrina pic of them all having dinner. In many situations you hear of villains when they're being villains, not when the villain is "Eating lunch" and such, and I wished to display that sort of situation. Even though when Chaos is involved even Eating lunch is.... VERY EVIL. I also wanted to better display Chaos's personality! (And for those who didn't know, or maybe just forgot, the things Chaos mentions to Dizkaia in which he calls him worthless, are all things Chaos forced Dizkaia to do) Anywho, I hope you enjoy my strange blend of Marker, and CG coloring as well as my EVIL story!
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