Cassady Heinreich Picture

Cassadys profile is due for a re-work. Though this one will be kept up any ways.

Name: Cassady Heinreich
Age: 72
Gender: female
Nationality: German
Birth Place: Rhine Gorge
Race: Elf / Werewolf
Class: Sharp shooter
Rank: Inquisition Senior Officer
Prior affiliations: Team Gustav - ASAR (Advanced Sniper Assault and Recon) – German S.A. – Gestapo – Nazi regime

Bio: Cassady Heinreich grew up in an Elf Village in Koblenz, Germany. The Village was host to a Citadel outpost and the Village itself has been an outside branch of the citadel since the end of the Second World War. Cassady was part of a group of young elf’s that left the village to join the Nazi party against the will of the village elders and the group made the most of their natural dexterity and became long-range troops for the Gestapo. The group became renown for their ability to master all single shot weaponry and extreme range rifles, with a handful of the group showing proficiency in rapid-fire weaponry. Eventually they all got drafted into the S.A. and each led a battalion of Germanys secret army. Cassady will often claim that her time as a ‘Nazi’ was too long ago for her to recall but in truth she remembers every action and injustice she had done.

She was recruited into the Inquisition when her personal battalion was ordered to eliminate a German town on suspicion of harbouring US soldiers. Cassady searched the town thoroughly and found no trace that the US had even been in the area yet alone the town, but was still ordered to torch the town anyway. Cassady defied her orders and attempted to eliminate the Nazi occupation. On day three of her ammunition was starting to dwindle and her enemies were starting to pin her into a corner. Outnumbered by at least thirty to one, Cassady resorted to barricading herself into an abandoned house. With minimum weaponry she prepared herself for her last stand against her once thought allies. Just as the remaining soldiers were about to break into the house, Citadel CQC [Close quarters Combat] officers neutralized the remaining soldiers and searched for any survivors in the town. They established friendship to Cassady and offered her a place at the Inquisition for weapon mastery.

Cassady accepted the invite into the citadel and spent her first few years being educated on various daemonic and mythological creatures, and taught in the use of Citadel weaponry. She had shown a proficiency in long range rifles which lead to her being asked to become a member of Team Gustav. For a while, every thing was well with Cassady. She was respected within her team and she in turn respected them back. On one of her later missions in the Citadel (roughly 20 years ago). Her team was required to scout out a possible terrorist attack at the Palo Verde Nuclear station. The team was stationed at specific locations to watch over the area in case anything out of the ordinary happened. During one of the night watches on the station, it became obvious that the terrorist attack was a group that had converted all the workers into werewolves. An order was given by the Citadel to sterilize the area before they could cause enough damage to the reactor to make it go nuclear. Given an order of weapons free and silver ammunition, Cassady began what she saw as genocide once more. During the sterilization, one of the werewolves traversed the traps and defences that she had set up inside her sniping position and viciously attacked her. Cassady reached for her pistol to kill the beast at short range but by the time she noticed it, it was already half way across the room. The werewolf tried to bite her head clean off which has left a series of teeth scars across her face to this day. The werewolf pulled her from her sniping position and threw her against a wall and jumped out the window after destroying her rifle, leaving her for dead.

The rest of Cassady’s team left with out her as she had been wounded and currently flat lining on her vital readings. The group would wait for day and them come to retrieve the body. Cassady spent most of the next day curled in the corner of the room trying to tend to her wounds. But with out a reflective surface to see how bad her wounds on her ace were, it was proven to be somewhat difficult and eventually her body gave in to blood loss and she collapsed, but still conscious. Out the corner of her eye, she noticed some one come in the room and pick her up. He picked her up and comforted her for a few seconds before taking her out of the building and then back to the Citadel where she had her wounds treated and spent three weeks recuperating from the experience.

Once she had fully recovered she received a letter requesting her transfer from team Gustav to Team Baskervilles. By this point Cassady had heard a lot of stuff about the Baskervilles. They played fast and loose with the rules but they got the job done. She also knew that there was a mixture of nationalities on the team, at least two from the United Kingdom. She knew how the war turned out and she knew that Europe didn’t exactly like the Nazi party. She declined the request and decided to drop out of Team Gustav. She thought her talents would be better off being back up for other units. But she was going to have another chance to join the Baskervilles; Tamlar Sharard came to her dormitory one morning and asked her again to join his team. She had already read the report that it was he that found her and brought her back to the Citadel. Tamlar had come to ask her to join because then it would be easier for him to help her come to terms with the fact that she was now a werewolf. This was also already known to Cassady but she had been in denial about it, but to be outright told by some one else forced her to accept it as truth.

No one really knows how Tamlar had gotten Cassady to control the werewolf blood in her. But she can now retain her sanity, thought process and personality during the full moon, she has also been able to retain the strength she has as a werewolf and keep it in her natural body… it is still unknown as to how Inquisitor Sharard did this. Social observation will also show that she has been developing affection for her Team leader and teacher, but she’s well a wear that fraternization in the ranks is against Citadel regulations… But the Baskervilles are known for playing fast and loose with the rules…

-Side note: her Left eye is a glass one. Since a technological prosthetic would get destroyed at the first full moon of the month, it was easier to use a simple replacement-
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