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More new characters. This lil guy has a special place in my heart. He's only sixteen so yeah. Anyway, aside from Glimmer Pool, I thought I'd also start writing a side story. I get bored and distracted easily with new ideas, so I need to switch back and forth. I'll put his information down below c:

Name: Luca (Luke) Crowe
Gender: Male
D.O.B: July 14
Age: 16
Height: 5"8 - 5"9
Body Type: He's moreso thin than he is slender, but not too terribly. Closer to average.
Blood Type: O-
Appearance: Luca's hair is a plain old brown color and most of the time, it's haphazardly combed out. Despite this, it's still rather soft and shiny. His eyes are a deep amber, almost gold in color. The pigmentation of his skin is less of a peachy color and moreso an olive tone, much like his mother's. He inherits both his hair and eye colors from his father. He doesn't have any tattoos just yet, but on both ears, along the upper cartilage part, he has two piercings, both gold rings. On the back of Luca's neck, there are two small scars that cross over one another in the shape of an 'x'. He himself is unsure as to how he got it and whenever people ask, he becomes uncomfortable.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Sexual Preference: Straight
Species: He's more or less human, but there is a little somethin-somethin in his blood
Origin: Luca was born and raised in sunny California with his mother, father, and younger brother.
Occupation: Currently, Luca is unemployed, but he does sell little trinkets he makes every now and then.
Likes: Being called Luke, making little things, being alone, reading, mythology, dipping ridged chips in chocolate pudding, whipped cream, dark shades of red, being seen as trustworthy, fire, red gemstones, getting piercings, tattoos, staying up late, the smell of vanilla and cookie dough, cookie dough, cold temperatured places when he has his hoodie or a blanket, wearing his hoodie, places of extreme height or depth.
Dislikes: Liars, people who break promises, being falsely accused, unfair treatment, writing things, bright orange colors, having to go outside, small places, being picked last, being insulted, milk, orange juice, and a large variety of other things
Additional Information: Luca is far from the average teenager. He has a terrible habit of wanting to punch people and always trying to challenge someone. When he is insulted, he takes things a step further. His terrible anger often causes his entire body to heat up dramatically to a point of feverish temperatures. Luca is usually very cautious about people that he befriends and even moreso with those that he trusts. He is quick to hold a grudge and those usually last for years. He has a strange affection for fire and places of severe height or severe depth. He rather enjoys being with his younger brother, mainly because he is often looked up to. In the case of his parents, however, Luca feels quite awkward and resents them. As much as he loves his younger brother, he feels as though he wasn't precisely the son they had wanted. This thought is spurred on by strange occurrences that have happened ever since he was a small child. One instance, the first, was when Luca was a young child. He had been playing with sticks in his back yard, throwing them about, drawing in the dirt, things of that sort, when suddenly they were engulfed in flames. His mother swore up and down that the color of the flames were an otherworldy hue, not its typical reddish orange. Ever since, Luca has had stranger things happen, so much so that his parents have assigned him to a therapist.

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