Lady Loki - Art Nouveau Picture

#2 in my Art Nouveau Avengers project. C:

I really enjoyed doing this one. I was finally able to do the Northern Lights and make them actually look decent.

Anyway, symbolismmmm or stuff like that:
-Scepter, doesn't really need explaining.
-Snow - Loki is a Jötun (Frost Giant)
-Northern Lights. Northern Lights make me think of cold places. They probably wouldn't have then in any of the other Realms apart from Midgard (Earth) but I still thought they looked pretty u V u
-Snake - Jormungand. Loki's child. Also a symbol of trickery.
-And those are snowflakes in the border. I was trying to think of what to put in since Loki doesn't have a Norse symbol other than his children. So I went with a snowflake, but I made it all celtic looking.

Credit to *almudena-stock for the pose. I just drew this. The dress is also referenced from her pictures too, just with slight tweaking.

(c) Natalie Louise

I do not own Marvel.
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