It's Been So Long Picture

"Oh gawds!" Morrigan took one powerful stride forward and zeroed in on the confused brownie. Before he had time to reciprocate any kind of emotion besides bewilderment and surprise. Before he knew it she had wrapped both arms around him and reared back to her full height, hoisting Simon a fully body's length off the ground.

"Simon! It's been sooo long!" She drew him in closer, her immense strength crushing his spine. "You've gotten soooo big since I las' saw ye."

Simon barely had time to breathe. He still had to take it all in. Finally, she dropped him and stepped back, watching him flop confused onto the dirt with a smile. Simon, free to breathe, took a few gracious breaths before looking up at Morrigan again and finally formulating a sentence.

"W-what're you doing out here?"

"Oh." Morrigan smiled, grabbing her hammer and throwing it over her shoulder like it was nothing. "After you and I parted I rethought the whole "bandit" thing. Figured I could find something a little more...what's the word...lucrative." She turned to face him again and put her free hand upon her hip, her stance brimming with confidence. "And more legal. So, I gave it up. Left me usual spots and became a bounty hunter." She turned to present her latest catch: A gang of four Simon was tracking. Had stolen jewels from a fairy noble or something like that. It didn't really matter. But they looked like they had been put through a wringer. Tied together as a gang with rope, kept in place by the strength of the knots and their distance from consciousness.

"...huh." Simon sat cross-legged on the ground, cocking his head as he absorbed the information.

"What are you doing out here?"

"Oh, well, uh..." Simon slowly stood and reached into his pocket, sheepishly presenting to her the gang's wanted poster. "I was kinda out here tracking them."

Morrigan let out a laugh and then slapped Simon on the shoulder. "Shut yer trap. You?!" She continued to chuckle for a second, more surprised than doubtful.  "From anyone else I woulda called horseshit. I didn't know you had it in ye, Simon. Weren't you goin' off t'be some sorta academic?"

"Well, kinda. I'm on break for now. So I'm filling the space with this."

"Last thing I would expect from ye, to be honest. But-" Morrigan effortlessly hoisted the four criminals onto her back and smiled. "You're a bit stonefaced. Not much to reed from ye."


"Oh, nothing. Just live a little, eh?" Morrigan started to stride away but immediatley stopped herself. "Say, where you stayin' right now?"

"Uh...a small pub a few miles West of here..."

"Okay, good. Would you mind stayin' put while I cash these maggots in?"

"Well, I'm not going anywhere...wait." Simon cocked his head. "Why?"

"You still owe me a brawl." The boggart grinned ear-to-ear and turned. "I'm curious to see if your right hook is as thunderous as I recall it being."

Spent the last few nights working and studying. Stress building slowly. Had to take a second to recharge in a way that would produce actual results. So I recalled a few days back a friend asked why Morrigan wasn't on the faux roster I made. And then I got a few ideas and decided I would tweak her design and bring her back or something. Give her a more colorful design. Maybe I'll take it into gimp and flesh it out a bit.

But yeah, Morrigan. An old character I liked so I'm bringing back long as she can stay interesting. Who knows?
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