Pangai Sorico Picture

Your name is PANGAI SORICO.

You’re a very RESERVED and INTROVERTED troll. It’s not that you’re particularly shy, you just don’t know how to handle many social situations. Since you were young, your digbeast(mole) lusus, TALPINI, has kept you close to your hive since she doesn’t like to stray too far from her feeding grounds. This has taken quite the toll on your SOCIAL SKILLS, though you do speak to some other trolls over TROLLIAN occasionally. In fact, in all your 8 sweeps, you’ve only filled your Pale Quadrant, and that was only because she was so persistent! Your outgoing moirail has been helping you OPEN UP a bit and encourages you to get out more, but you can’t bare leaving your dear lusus behind. She would probably be okay without you, though. You don’t think much of the HEMOSPECTRUM since you don’t have much interaction with others, but since you’re the LOWEST OF THE LOWBLOODS, being maroon blooded, you treat high-bloods with curteousy and respect when you do happen to run into them, if only to avoid unessessary conflict. In general, you are POLITE to anyone you meet and you keep your conversations short and IMPERSONAL.

Your hive sits isolated on a hill between a large plain and a forest. From an outside view, your hive looks quite small, but that isn’t the case at all. What others see from the outside is basically only your respiteblock with the rest of your hive being UNDERGROUND. It’s three stories all together; you’re respite block at the top, then the rest of your hive is the second floor, and the third floor is your BASEMENT where your lusus stays. The basement is round in shape and has several large archways that lead into the TUNNEL SYSTEM you and your lusus dug out. The tunnels lead out to many different areas, some pretty far away, and are useful for avoiding awkward social encounters when your lusus does decide she wants to go out(though usually it’s just to your moirails hive). There are also railways leading from each archway and into various cave systems along the tunnels where you do the majority your mining. The basement serves as a sort of central hub for all your GEOLOGICAL ACTIVITIES. There’s always some equipment strewn about your work table and dirty tools laying around. The best part of the basment though, in your opinion, is your lovingly organized and maintained stashes of PRECIOUS GEMS AND ORES. While dirt and dust tends to cover everything else, including yourself, you make sure to keep your stashes clean and shining. Some of your favorite gems you keep in display cases in your respiteblock. It’s nice to see them when you wake up at night.

When you aren’t digging tunnels or unearthing gems and ores, you like to study MAPS and read up on various locations and prominant sites of the world. You have maps and pictures of places you would like to TRAVEL to one day posted all over your hive walls, though you may never get to see them in person. You’ve taken it upon yourself to draw up your own map of the tunnel system since you got tired of getting LOST and frustrated whenever you had to look for your lusus in them. You’ve already gone through so many drafts, however, because she keeps adding new tunnels without you knowing. You wish she’d just stop for a while. Due to your over abundance of gems and metals, you occasionally take up JEWELRY MAKING. You don’t wear much since it’s highly inconvinient with what you do, but it’s fun and just about the only artistic thing you’re decent at. Sometimes you give them away or sell them over the internet.

Also adorning your walls are pictures and posters of the mythical creatures known as DWARVES. Normally you’re not much into mythological and supernatural things, but you’ve felt and effinity with these creatures since you found out about the race from your moirail, who in fact drew many of those pictures for you. You really identify with their apprent EARTHEN CONNECTION and how they live their lives underground. You even started watching FANTASY MOVIES because of this, though mostly ones that feature dwarves. If you were more interested in FLARP, you would probably be one for your character. You also really indentify with their STRENGTH. Due to your lusus spending most of her time underground, you’ve had to go out on the surface by yourself a lot. You enjoy NATURE and like to take walks in the forest, but there are many hostile creatures out there. Between fending off attackers, tunnel digging, and your geological activities, you’ve managed to become QUITE A FORCE. You’re not gonna bruise anyone just by touching them or anything, but you’d be good in a fight. You try to keep the conflicts just between you and bloodthirsty creatures, though. Getting into it with other trolls just brings trouble.

Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is PICKAXEKIND, which you make sure never to leave the hive without.

Your TROLLTAG is solitaryProspector. You ((type as if all yOur wOrds are cOnfined and quiet. YOu always capitalize yOur “Os” and use the slashes fOr yOur “Vs” to mimick yOur symbOl; i.e. “e\/en”. ))

[A few notes: Her first name is a combination of “Pan” and “Gaia”, [Gaia] being the Greek goddess of the earth and Pan being the god of the wilderness, but I saw somewhere that he would be the god most likely associated with Geology. I’m not totally sure on that point, but it sounded good when I looked it up. Took off the a at the end to get the 6 letters. “Sorico” is a shortening of “Soricomorpha” which is the order that Moles are placed in. Her symbol is the alchemical symbol of earth Talpini is a family classification of moles.]
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