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Io Info:

Name: Io Leo Panthera
Mother: Natali (Zoo Lion)
Father: Theo (Zoo Lion)
Breed: Shapeshifter (mostly lion, wolf, or squirrel)
Age: 14 Human years
Birthday: March 23, 1996
Mate: None
Offspring: None
Personality: Io is till young an learning from her best friend Isis. She's sweet, but is a feirce fighter if you try to eat Isis. She never wants kids because she doesnt want them to go through what she did if they happen to get the shapeshifting curse.
History: Io was born into a small Zoo in Texas and for a year she lived as an attention seaking white lion cub. On her first birthday she was chasing a bird when she changed into one. She was so scared that she went to her parents, but they only tried to eat her. He younger brother got a hold of her and scratched her right eye out. In the place is now only a scar and four stitches. She flew away and landed in a tree where she met a squirrel that had wittnessed everything. (The rest will be revealed later.)

Isis Info:

Name: Isis Sciurus
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Breed: Grey Squirrel
Age: 15 Human years
Birthday: August 19, 1995
Mate: None
Offspring: None
Personality: Isis is very matuer for her age and has learned more then the others in her family. She feels protective of Io since they first met even though Io does most of the protecting. She is a good problem solver and is unfazed by things that trouble other animals her age. Io's powers seem to have stopped both their aging.
History: Isis was born into a small family of squirrels, and ever since she has always been the odd one out. She was fassinated by the humans and would perch on the park benches and try to read whatever the people were reading. By looking at pictures and words, she taught herself to read.


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