Nelchael Picture

Nelchael is a fallen angel who teaches things like geography, math, and astronomy to demons.

Info from "Dictionary of Angels" by Gustav Davidson - a book I highly recommend to those interested in mythology, especially angels from a variety of religions. Very VERY cool.

Intaglio print, roughly 4x6 (I don't have the exact dimensions on hand - but that's the ballpark)
Faust ink - (I don't have the patience to wipe the plate with some of those other inks all the time. (looking at you, Gamblin Portland Black) God bless the printmakers who do.)
Zinc plate with needle and rosin aquatinting.

Done early 2014 as part of my "Angels" series.

NOTE: My signature is both present in an obvious location and within the work itself, but not placed in an obstructive way. The latter of these is added digitally to traditional works. I protect my work. Please be kind to your fellow artists!
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