Time Piece - Anutpada Picture

the doctor is tired....

hey everyone, take a look at this thing. I figured that I will finally speak on this properly since I was tired as hell when I posted it. anyway, this is no ordinary pocket watch, well, not anymore, it is the new Anutpada. the pocket watch belonged to Sanna T's late friend Smarr T and one day, one of the gears in it broke, and when he tried to fix it, the pocket watch still didn't work. since it was a gift of his late friend, Sanna T kept it until he could find a way to fix it.

one day, while amongst his travels, Sanna T came across the ruins of an ancient timepiece which Chronos, the keeper of time called Anutpada. mythology tells us that Anutpada was no ordinay timepiece, but it was a timepiece that have evolved its own free will and one day ceased working. in truth, Anutpada simply went to sleep and the ruins were its resting place. as fate would have it, Sanna T decided to get a closer look at Anutpada, tripped and fell, and knocked out one of its gears. seconds afterward, Anutpada fell apart and crumbled, leaving the knocked out gear as the only surviving piece.

luckily for Sanna T, the gear was the exact same size as the piece that was broken in Smarr T's pocket watch and he was able to fix it. it was at this moment that Anutpada had awoken from its sleep and activated. the end result of this was Sanna T's facing the wrath of Chronos, where he was stripped of his eyes and cursed with the charge of becoming a time wanderer, as well as being the new charge of Anutpada (since the pocket watch was now the new host for the timepiece's lone gear).

as you can see, it has three poses: the front, which looks like an ordinary pocket watch; the back which, has its name engraved in glyphs (possibly a trademark forced to be engraced on the pocket watch as part of Chronos' punishment); and finally, when it's used to warp. wings pop out of the sides of Anutpada when the watch is pressed and when activated, the wings spread out. I had to sketch this on the double because not only do I need to get it done, but
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