Beastie #2- Tamaki Picture

Woo! I finally got him posted! (gave my poor hand a cramp though .3. )

So yes, this is Tamaki. This is a little info:

Name: Tamaki

Species: Sea Beast mixed with a fire elemental and light magic

Created?: He was a fallen star that had landed on Poesideon's head after Chyrbdis had spat it out. Foreseeing what the little monster would become, he asked Hephaestus to put some of his fire into the little star so that it wouldn't totally just be made of water, also to give the creature a fiery temper. After doing this, he threw the star into the ocean with a cloak around it. Being born from the star on the sand, little Tamaki was all alone in the cloak and began to cry/howl. I found him and took him in to live with me while I was also taking care of Tyoud. ((Lol had to add a little of how "I" stumbled onto him ^^))

Relationship with Tyoud: Since I first brought him in, he and Tyoud instantly became best friends, brothers even!

Cloak's abilities?: When Poesideon gave him the cloak, he had asked Zeus to enchant it, along with Astraeus (the Titan god of stars). In doing so, the cloak allows Tamaki to speak the human language when he wants. The cloak also helps to control his abilities with the fire and water. It's also his security blanket.

His own abilities: He can control fire and water, also he can sometimes control the stars on where to they would be placed, how the constellations would be designed, and can sometimes make them shine as bright as he wants to. With fire, he can conjure it up in his hands and suck it back in. Like, say a fire broke out in a forest or something. He could go in and suck it up in his hands without being harmed. With water, he can form it into Typhoons, whirlpools, or just about anything he wants. He can make it wavy or calm, so he's kind of like a water bender.

Family: Since I adopted him, I'm sort of his mom such as I am Tyoud's. Although, he has..3 dads pretty much because all 3 of them created him basically xD His dads are Poesideon, Hepheastus, and Astraeus. Zeus is not because he only created the cloak for him, so techinically, being the brother of Poesideon, he is his uncle.

Age?: 1 year younger than Tyoud

lol I couldn't help myself with using the Greek Gods. The Odyessy inspired me so much, and I've loved the greek mythology, as well as Norse. But please don't hate on meh
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