Love In The Dark Picture

halleluiah thank the lord.
THIS. took me way too long, and im not entirely happy with it, but I already restarted it once im not doing it again.

SO this is eros (or cupid) and psyche.

in a nutshell: (if I remember the story correctly)
This king guy had an incredibly beautiful daughter, psyche, she was so beautiful people started to say she was even more so then Aphrodite, so when Aphrodite heard this shes all like 'oh hell nah' then she sends her son Eros to make her fall in love with a terrible beast. So he goes to see psyche, but then ends up falling in love with her, so he goes back and tells his mom that he did, and makes a plan to be with psyche. so her dad is told that she'll marry a serpent and never see her family ever again (something like that) So her dads like, 'welp the gods said so....' so he leaves her on a mountain to meet her fate. when she falls asleep Eros comes and takes her to a castle(?) or very well furnished cave. when psyche goes to bed that night Eros comes in and says hes her new husband and he will love her yatta yatta, but you can never see me so yeah. so they do there thing for awhile then she asks him if she can see her sisters< and finally he says ok, and when they come they see a nice place but no husband, and eventually they pull outta psyche the whole 'ive never seen him' thing, so they convince her it must be the serpent the gods said she'd marry and that he would get tired of her and eventually kill her, so they say she should get to him first, so that night when Eros is asleep, she takes a knife and oil lantern and right when shes about to stab him she notices that its mot a serpent but a man, and while shes rethinking things some oil drips down from the lantern onto Eros, he wakes up, sees she betrayed him, then leaves. (ok this is really long)

they do eventually get back together after psyche goes through some trials that Aphrodite sets up and its sweet
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