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This is the last redesign of my persona i swear

i'll spam the shit here
Name: Orevo Ereth
Nickname(s): Orevo, Weirdo, wannabe queen scissor, Queen of the Thirty Scissor (Based on an accident)
Gender: female
Age: No
Height: +160
weight: 60 KG
Weapon: Scissors, she also able to make arrow-like sign that will change directions of stuff.
Personality: Lazy, Pessimist, have a rather pessimist set of opinion of stuff (duh), weird, cheerful in a way, jokes too much, whiny, FUCKING OBLIVIOUS, etc.
Bad habit(s): Swearing, INTERNET, etc,
Other(s): Since she is setted on a modern-fantasy world, she can actually summon a dragon (it's a fish at first, but it got in dem full it's not magicarp, it's based on a Chinese that think about it..) he is a some kinda dragon prince, but he's annoying as fuck. y'know, spoiled. She pretty much have to serve him as a prince, but luckily she knows him a bit well to have a bit of a comeback sometimes. She usually serve him shit along with the line "well EXCUUUUUUSE ME prince!" (Get the reference? ewe) she is the 51th weakest one in her school. (Laschoola It's the name of my CoC clan, come and join)
Sushi (Tobiko gunkaaaaaaan), joking around, placing doubletip (idk the eglish) all over her face, video games, YouTube
Racist/extremist/sexist people, people who seriously need to search up what feminism really means, Cliche stuff (and specially the optimist quotes ("beautiful just the way you are" etc..)), LEARN GRAMMAR HOLY SHIT (just a bit typo or "u", "bc", etc,., typing in hs style, typing a none native language is okay, i meant the one who REALLY needs it), etc,.

Example of what's her opinion on cliche optimist quotes:
"There is no such thing as perfect, you're perfect just the way you are."
...Are you trying to create a some kinda paradox?
"You're beautiful just the way you are."
no you're not, it's a matter of opinion. Such as a person with a green face fetish (yes. it exist), for most people it looks gross, but for them it looks..."perfect"
"Nothing is impossible!"
Sorry to break you this, but there are a lot of impossible things. Such as being an actual God, surviving years with no food, being REALLY good at something in one second flat, etc..
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