Hinamori Amu. Picture

Verse: Shugo Chara! (c) Peachi Pit.
Date: 2/22/13

Full Name: Hinamori Amu.
Pronunciation: Hina- more-e-a-moo
Nickname/Alias: Amu-Chii, Amu-chan, Hinamori-san.
Meaning: Swift Arrow. (That's what I found... )
Origin: (c) Peach Pit.
Title: I don't think she does... unless you count -san, -chii, or -chan.
Pet Name: Amu-chi, Hinamori-san, Amu-chan, Hinamori, X-girl, Joker, Onee-chan, Amu-sempai, Hinamori-Sempai.
ID Number: - Doesn't have one. -
Signature: Dunno...

Gender: Female.
Gender Role: feminine.
Orientation: Straight.
Real Age: Twelve or Thirteen.
Age Appearance: Looks her age.
Birthday: September 24.
Deathday: Doesn't have one.
Birthplace: Don't know.
Astrological Sign: Don't know.
Zodiac Sign: I think she's a Libra.. .

Immediate Family:Hinamori Tsumugu ,Hinamori Midori
Distant Family:Hinamori Shuu
Parenting: Fun Loving.
Upbringing: .... Wouldn't really know.
Infancy: Don't know.
Childhood:It was fine for her, many things occurring...
Adolescence: Hasn't hit that age.
Adulthood: Hinamori Amu doesn't know her dream, but I think she'd be pretty cool.
Coming of Age: Hasn't done that yet.
Evolution: she's become more responsible.

Species: Human.
Ethnicity: Japanese.
Blood Type: O
Preferred Hand: Wouldn't know, in the anime it looks like she's both.
Facial Type:Hmm. Oval?
Eye Color: Honey Gold.
Hair Color: Pink.
Hairstyle: Medium length hair that is down with a bit usually pinned up with an 'x' hair pin.
Skin Tone: Light.
Complexion: None.
Makeup: None.
Body Type: Don't know.
Build: Long legs, skinny waist, no curves, skinny arms.
Height: Around 59 Inches.
Weight: 88 lbs.
Cup Size: A
Facial Hair: None.
Shoe Size: Dunno.
Birthmarks/scars: None.
Distinguishing Features: Hey hair. <3 I just love it.

Health: Eh, I wouldn't know.
Energy: It depends.
Memory: She remembers a lot.
Senses: They're kinda bad.
Allergies: None.
Handicaps: None.
Medication: None/
Phobias: Horror things...?
Addictions: Nothing.
Mental Disorders: None.

Style: Punk--gothic?
Mode of Dress: Shirt is never tucked in, puts pins on her clothes, ect.
Grooming: Well-kept.
Posture: Sometimes slouching.
Gait: Fast.
Coordination: She's fit. Good reflexes.
Habits and Mannerisms: Nothing.
Scent: I wouldn't know...

Mood: A dazed one.
Attitude: Gets along with most.
Stability: She can keep her cool.
Expressiveness: Hide it.
When Happy: Constantly smiling.
When Depressed:Usually stays in her room.
When Angry: Stays in her room, or runs out. .

Current Residence: In Japan, I think Tokyo. o-o
Community: Most people are polite.
Family: Hinamori Ami, Hinamori Tsumugu, Hinamori Midori, Hinamori Shuu.
Friends: Hotori Tadase, Mashiro Rima, Nadeshiko/ Naghiko Fujisaki. Hoshina Utau, Wakana, Manami, Sakura Yua, Lulu De Morcef Yamato, Soma Kukai, Sanjo Kairi, Tsukiyomi Ikuto,
Enemies: Easter's Director.
Bosses: Nobody really.. Her parents yeah...
Followers: Nobody
Heroes: A lot of people. xD
Rivals: Easter
Relates to: Hmm... Hoshina Utau and LuLu De Morcef Yamato.
Pets/Familiars: They aren't pets, they're Shugo Chara, Ran, Miki, Suu, Dia.

Wardrobe: School uniform is a black jacket, plad red skirt, a belt, ect. Casual wear is something punk-ish, Formal is probably a black dress.
Equipment: Heart Rod, Paint brush, honey, Some type of music thing... Pom Poms, Cinnamon, many more.
Accessories: 'x' Pin, humpty lock.
Trinkets: None.
Funds: Dunno...
Home:A nice home, not to fancy.
Neighborhood: Dunno.
Transportation: Walk.
License Plate Number: She's 12 or 13... e.e
Collections: No.
Most valuable possession: Dunno.
Prized Possession: Humpty Lock.

Lovers: Hotori Tadase, Tsukiyomi Iktuo, Soma Kuikai, Fujisaki Nagihiko, Sanjo Kairi.
Marital Status: Single
Sex Life: Again, she's a preteen.
Type: ?.?
Turn-Ons: She likes costumes...
Turn Offs: Dunno.
Position: Well, I think she'd be sub. e.e
Plays: She's a preteen. e.e
Fetishes: None.
Virginity: Virgin.
Element: None.

Occupation: .
Work Ethnic: She goes to school.
Rank: School.
Income: She's still in school.
Wealth Status: Well, her PARENTS are middle.
Experience: None.
Organizations/Affiliations: If you're talking about good or bad she'd be good.

IQ: Don't know.
Education: Fair grades.
School: The school is a good one.
Grade: Fair.
Special Education: Never held back.
Social Stereotype: Cool & Spicy.
Degrees: Dunno.
Intelligence: ....
Extracurricular Activities: A Guardian.

Religion: Don't know.
Morals: Well, she thinks using dreams is wrong.
Crime Record: She's a good child. xD
Motivation: Love.
Priorities: Second.
Philosophy: Dunno.
Political Party: I DON'T KNOW e.e
Etiquette: Good manners.
Culture: She bows and such.

Influences: Hmm.. A lot of people.
Relates to: hmm. Wouldn't really know,
Traditions: They Celebrate Christmas, Halloween, Valentines day, White day, New Years, ect.
Superstitions: None.

Main Goal: To cleanse all x-eggs.
Minor Goals/Ambitions: Love, defeat Easter, ect.
Career: Many things, Sports, Artist, Chef, ect.
Desires: The Embryo, for everyone of her friends to be happy.
Wishlist: Embryo, and probably clothes. xD
Accomplishments: Beat Easter.
Greatest Achievement: Beating Easter.
Biggest Failure: Confessing in front of the school.
Secrets: Ikuto was hiding in her room, she had a fourth Shugo Chara egg.
Regrets: Character changing in front of a lot of people.
Worries: Friends, x-eggs, Love
Best Dream: Cleanse all x-eggs, Be with Ikuto or Tadase, Have all of her friends be happy.
Worst Nightmare: Easter wins and she looses everyone.
Best Memories: Tadase confessing his love, Meeting everyone.
Worst Memories: Seeing Tadase about to cry, Seeing Ikuto in Death Rebel Transformation, Seeing Nadeshiko leave.

Hobbies/Interests: Read Magazines, be with her friends.
Skills/Talents: I can't think of anything. O_O
Likes: Being with friends, Reading Magazines, watching T.V., Music
Dislikes: Scary things, being lied to, lying.
Sense of Humor: Sarcastic.
Pet Peeves: When people are rood, when people say her name wrong, teasing, extracting x-eggs and ?-eggs.
Superstitions/Beliefs: She believes in Shugo Chara's
Dreams/Nightmares: Embryo, probably Tadase and Ikuto,
Quirks: Walks with hands in pockets, all the time.
Savvy: Love?
Can't understand: School.
Closet Hobby: Costumes.
Guilty Pleasure: None. e.e

Strengths: Blunt with everything, but on the inside she's nervous.
Flaws: Can't sing, always worrying, can't draw, can't cook.
Perception: A perfect place.
Conflicts: Love
Instincts: Cleanse x-eggs.
Lures: Helpless, cute clothes, ect.
Soft Spot: People who are like her.
Cruel Streak: I don't really know.

Powers/Abilities:Character Transformations and changes.
Origin: A Shugo Chara was born
Source: Shugo Chara does into heart.
Ability: ....
Weaknesses: Being over powerd I guess?
Immunities: Dunno.
Restrictions: Donno.
Alternate Forms: Amulet Heart, Amulet Spade, Amulet Clover, Amulet Dia, Amulet Fortune, Amulet Angel, Amulet Devil.
Extra Anatomy: Amulet Dia: Type of wings, Amulet Angel: Wings, Amulet Devil: Wings and horns.

Favorite Colors: Red, Black, Purple, Pink.
Favorite Animals: Don't know.
Favorite Mythological Creatures: Don't know.
Favorite Places: Don't know.
Favorite Landmarks: None.
Favorite Flavors: Don't know.
Favorite Foods: Don't know.
Favorite Drinks: Milk.
Favorite Characters: None.
Favorite Genre: Romance, or comedy
Favorite Books: Don't know.
Favorite Movies: Don't know.
Favorite Games: Don't know
Favorite Shows: Don't know.
Favorite Music: Don't know.
Favorite Bands: Hoshina Utau, Sakura Yua
Favorite Songs: Heartful song, Glorious Sinshine, Secret Princess, ect.
Favorite Sports: Soccer.
Favorite Stores: Don't know.
Favorite Subjects: Don't know
Favorite Numbers
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