Vietnam Gorilla Picture

Yesterday while cleaning out the cubical for Asia Society, I found this from a club meeting that we did back back in February. The subject was Asian mythology and for the project we broke into groups to make up, draw and present our own myth that takes place in any country in Asia. The work that you see here is a collaboration between Fran, Chris and I. We all took part in creating the story and the drawing. The story takes place in Vietnam right after the Vietnam war. In the Jungle, there was a soldier that was left behind. He was badly injured but he could still remember his military training. A demon came to him and told him that he had to protect the Jungle from being chopped down. Then the demon turned him into a real Gorilla so that he could take action. Ten years later a construction crew arrived at the Jungle to build a city there. Before they knew it, the gorilla had chopped all of the heads off of all the workers and all were dead except one construction worker who was able to get out and tell the tale of the Vietnam Gorilla.
Interestingly, The day this meeting took place the February 26. Right before Asia Society, I was sitting in my 8:00 a.m. class when all of a sudden I just got the worst headache humanly possible. I seriously felt like something really hard hit my head. Then later when I got out of class everybody was all like, A meteor just hit Russia. That's why our group was the only group that didn't base their myth in Russia.
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