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Name: Xantia Bea Apell

Age: Appears 20 (She is older, but stopped counting a long time ago.)

Gender: Female

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 137

Species: Succubus (basically a female demon of sex… it's actually pretty interesting)

Birthday: January 13th

Orientation: Pansexual (She will never be in a committed relationship either way)

Eyes: Gray

Hair: Brunette, long and wavy

House: Hell

Stats: 25 points

Personality: As a succubus, she's a little inappropriate in nature. However, she knows how to control what she says so she doesn't come off as crude or obscene to teachers or acquaintances. She likes to make a good impression on most people when she first meets them, so she'll usually try to figure out what they like and go with it. She's horrible at keeping friendships up because she often is quiet and awkward, or she just drives people away with her personality. She has also had the situation where "friends" had left because they thought she was just trying to bed them. She often is in hidden places and will think, usually to the point of falling asleep. She is always falling asleep during the day in odd places due to having the habit of staying up at night to do her job (cough).

She appears calm and content most of the time, amazing at hiding her emotions to the public. She can tolerate most insults but there are a few that are offensive to her. For example, if you call her a whore or a slut depending on your tone, she'll either think you're stupid or you're a complete and utter waste of time. And she doesn't exactly like wastes of space/time. No, it's not like you'll get horribly injured but she might insult you back. Rarely throws a punch or two. She's not all that physically strong in her human form. But if you can manage to lure out the demon in her you might get a few scratches. She's not exactly the prettiest in demon form.

If you can actually become true friends with her she will open up to you, however it's more of a curse than a blessing. She suffers from mood swings. It's just pretty bad, to say the least.

(I'm going to try to split this up as much as possible)

History: Her mother was a normal woman, kind to all who met her. When she found out she was pregnant with Xantia after a doctors checkup, she was completely confused. Her life went downhill from there. She had never had sexual relations with a man. Her parents were furious at her, but didn't disown her or anything. When she told her boyfriend he was also confused and angry, and they broke up. She thought maybe it was just all a big mistake, even denying her babies existence months into the pregnancy.

Eventually, little Xantia came into the world (/insert lion king "circle of life" clip). She seemed a normal baby. Nothing was irregular with her at first. She was always lively and talked so much to other kids, often getting in trouble for it. One day, Xantia's mother was called into the principal's office. The principal had explained what had happened and why he had called her in: Xantia had been witnessed changing in form. In the middle of class, she had started throwing a tantrum, nothing odd for a toddler, and grew small nubby horns and what seemed to be some sort of wings. Xantia had looked normal when she had come in for this conference though, so she wondered what in the world the principal was talking about. He had explained how such "occult powers" were not tolerated, and she should be taken to the doctors and unless everything was clear, she would not be allowed in school. Xantia's mother was appalled by this and panicked asking why this was happening and how could they throw her daughter out of school because of a situation she hadn't seen and had no proof of. The principal explained it was just to ensure the safety of other children, and refused to talk about it anymore.

That very day, Xantia was taken out of school and she and her mom moved to a small, isolated house in the countryside. Her mother thought of maybe just leaving her there and going off. She was afraid. If her daughter was really some sort of freak-of-nature, why should she stick around to witness it? But she always decided against it. Growing up in the small cottage-like house offered more chances for Xantia and her mom to bond, even though her mom went to the city to work. Her mom taught her reading, writing, and math. She also eventually saw what metamorphosis Xantia went through in her old school, and it seemed Xantia had more control over it as she got older. Xantia's mother accepted her eventually and they were on good terms. You could think of them as sisters even.

Because she was alone for most of the day, she had a lot of free time to sit and think to herself. She could think of anything, and she would.

When Xantia was 18, she was woken in the middle of the night by a strange voice. She followed it outside into the backyard area they had that was overflowing with weeds. She saw two glowing eyes peering out at her. She was scared and froze, not daring to take her eyes off of whatever was staring at her. The glowing eyes got closer and a figure stepped forward, much stronger than Xantia, although not much taller. It smirked at her, saying things like 'My how much you've grown.' and 'I've missed you.". Xantia had never seen this dastardly man in her life though, but she immediately noticed it was inhuman. The strange, hunched over man started going on about how her duties as a succubus and that she should start now. Xantia was still confused by this. She asked who he was and why he was telling her all these things. Now –he- was the one confused. He laughed, shaking his head and mumbling something about how he was surprised she didn't figure this out earlier. He told her she was a succubus, explaining what a succubus was, what they do, and explaining why she should start working right away. He also explained how she was one of these mythological creatures. It was because he, an incubus, had impregnated her mother as she was sleeping and that she was the result. Xantia stood frozen after all this. She didn't know what to think or what to do. She closed her eyes for a long while, thinking of what to do. She decided that maybe this was beneficial. She could leave the house and go out and become a little street smart. She wasn't all that intelligent in the first place. So in the morning, after her mom went out to work she left a note explaining everything and bidding her farewell.

The streets had completely changed her. She was no longer the talkative, fun-loving girl. She was alone, without family or friends. Her only job was to please and that's what she did, whether she was forced or not. She no longer cared. She spent days thinking and sleeping and nights, well, that's self-explanatory. She was getting bored of it all, and much too quickly. She tried making friends and had trouble holding on to them, and she never allowed herself to be caught in a relationship. She quickly learned to keep her opinions to herself and never show emotion. She never wanted to be perceived as weak either, so she hid any signs of sadness.

After living as a succubus for a great number of years, she decided she should find someplace to call home instead of wandering around. Her mom was long dead, she knew that much. Then, one day, she had been left a strange note. She read it and it told her about AU. She didn't know who it was from or why they decided to give it to her, but it couldn't hurt to check it out. Maybe it was full of people somewhat like her.

+ Inappropriate yet non-offensive jokes.
+ People who are genuinely kind to her
+ Sleeping
+ Learning about relationships dealing with humans
- Discussing love concerning her
- People that try to get into her head.
- Being woken up
- Really excited people

-Seducing (wow does that even count)

-Knows a very very small amount of magic she can use to heal small cuts/burns she gets.

-Her horns are sharp enough to cut through human flesh and are still developing.

-Teeth become sharp if she's angry enough, so this is a rare occurrence.

-Can grab things with her tail if they're light enough. It's also good for wrapping around things to trap them (kind of like a snake wrapping around a mouse) but is rather easy to get out of.

-Can steal souls, although it's a very long process.

-Can’t fly
-Falls asleep during the day too much (horrible sleep schedule overall)
-Hard time holding on to friends
-Not used to ghosts
-Not a good leader
-Often stalks lovers
-Believes anything she hears as long as it’s not utterly crazy

+Can keep calm in many situations
+Doesn’t really start physical fights but won't refuse to take part in them
+Good control over her tail
+Can heal other people as well as herself (but still only small cuts and burns)
+Good at finding things she lost
+Knows basic defensive techniques

And that's it!
I'm going to sleep now.
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