m0i Picture

Your resident g0b1in.

Not sure what possessed me to do this. I hate pictures of myself but thought I'd update my ID which I originally did years ago. I took some photos of myself emphasizing chiaroscuro, the style I love. Seemed fitting.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, some facts about me reposted...


...is pronounced kah-VEE-kah.

...is his middle name. It is the Hawaiian form of the name David and was given to him by his mother. It is the name he uses as an artist, as she is his first artistic influence, her wonderful paintings being some of the first images he has in memory.

...has no formal artistic training.

...is from a place called Waianae on the west coast of the island of Oahu and now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, as of Summer of '06.

...types his username 'g0b1in' because goblin in it's original spelling was already taken. The name goblin actually refers to an entity from the novel 'Blackwood Farm' by Anne Rice, not the mythological creature people generally assume. I was reading the book when I had to chose my username and it stuck.

...originally used the half face of a goblin as his avatar and signs it on nearly all his deviations.

...has been tremendously influenced by the work of comic artists such as Jim Lee (duh), Carlos Pacheco, Frank Quitely, and Oliver Coipel but is most heavily influenced by the comics of the late 80s.

...loves the paintings of Carrovagio.

...considers Uncanny X-Men #268: 'Madripoor Nights' to be his all-time favorite single comic issue.

...drinks a lot of green tea.

...is 5'10", 140-something-lbs. and wishes he wasn't so skinny.

...is Hawaiian, Filipino, Native American, and Black.

...holds a black belt in Kodenkan Jujitsu from the American Jujitsu Institute (AJI), the oldest martial arts institute in United States.

...ruined all his comic books dissecting the works of his favorite artists and, as a result, they are worth next to nothing.

...is nearsighted.

...started drawing again at the age of 25, after years of putting his artistic interests aside to pursue a career as an engineer.

...first began posting his sketches online on the Hellblazer forum. They are still there in a thread called g-spot.

...absolutely hates cold weather.

...plays volleyball and is terrible at all other sports he's tried.

...has a freckle on his right eye.

...loves to draw at night...and on the floor (childhood habit).

...uses 0.3mm lead mechanical drafting pencils as a result of his work in engineering.

...took Japanese language classes but isn't nearly as fluent as he'd like to be.

...thanks you for reading.
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