Antigone Class Supercarrier Picture

One of the main ships behind a massive storyline. I'm vaguely hoping to get it all written on paper soon. Assuming I can get it all out of my head... <.<
I got the inspiration from an old game, EV Nova, I always liked the Auroran Carrier, so I decided to grab it and make it a bit more believable, imo.
Everyone feels like capital ships are useless in space combat situations. Well, as a defensive ship, they might be effective at holding their ground until reinforcements arrive or serve as a fleet-wide flagship/logistics center. A third option would be a "Sign of Power". I think this ship fits the part of flagship/logistics center for both itself and its fighter escort and whatever combat ships it's with. Nonetheless, I leave that decision for you lot on the comments.
Here's some general info on the ship:

-Size (Length/Width/Height): 18100/2658/1153 meters.
-Armament: 4x Plasma-Ion Impact Generator, 66x Quad Heavy Plasma Platform, 4620x QPDL's (Quad Point Defense Lasers).
-Hangar capacity (Launch points/hangar bays): 8000 (2000/3).
-Info: This carrier was constructed to relieve the mass-produced Novus class of their strain in combat situations as Carriers are too much of a liability in an active warfleet. Engineers behind this model have made it as big as a Capital Warship due to its mass-fighter hold and MLR's (Magnetic Launch Rails) and all the defensive firepower its AM Cores (Matter/Anti-Matter Cores) could safely sustain. As such, to compensate, engineers have added, on a very late blueprint set, a much thicker armor plating on its topside, giving the ship a finished flattened look to it. This same plating, however, has proved its usefulness in combat situations that would otherwise turned this ship into an immobile hull. After its completion, its construction yards were retro-fitted to produce Cruiser class vessels for the war effort. After the war ended, the shipyards were again retro-fitted back to produce the Supercarrier.

Edit: forgot to add where I came up with the name:
"Antigone (pronounced /ænˈtɪɡəni/) is the name of two different women in Greek mythology. The name may be taken to mean 'unbending' (...) but has also been suggested to mean 'opposed to motherhood' or 'in place of a mother' (...)"
I went for the "unbending" for 2 reasons: 1) despite its size, it's extremely tough and resilient. 2) it's made to be a statement of power, precision, control and the pinnacle of the Empire's engineering ability. (no, not the SW "Empire", they completely fail in engineering...)
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