DOD: Onachus Picture

Name: Onachus
Aliases: Pyrhinoceros, Khalkotauroi (Bronze Bull), Badak api (Fire Rhinoceros)
Pronounced: (O-knock-us)
Faction: Defender — British Armed Forces — B.E.A.S.T. (Brontops-Eobasileus-Arsinoitherium SGO-Tactics)
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Classification: Brontops robustus
Length: 400 feet
Height: 175 feet at the shoulder
Weight: 53,000 tons

Weaponry / Abilities:

Dual Incisor Tusks:
Though Onachus does outwardly resemble a rhinoceros, he is actually a brontothere: one of a group of large browsing herbivores known from the early Cenozoic. As brontotheres are related to both horses and rhinos, it comes as little surprise that Onachus has inherited features from all three groups. Among the monster's rhino-like characteristics are his unusual lower incisors: absent in African rhino species, but quite prominent in the Indian rhino, these two teeth are used for self-defense. Sharpened by constant grinding against the monster's smaller upper incisors, Onachus' protruding knife-like teeth make for effective weapons against opposing kaiju, stabbing deep and inflicting lacerating wounds through even the thickest of flesh and hide. While not his most formidable close-quarters weapons, Onachus' tusk-like incisors do give him quite a bit more "bite" when engaging enemies at close range.

Fused Nasal Horns:
The most noticeable feature shared by rhinos and most brontotheres are horns projecting from their snouts; however, this is where all similarities end. Onachus two bony horns are fused together into a sturdy crowbar-like form, a composite form useful for moving obstacles aside, digging up edible roots and tubers, and demolishing the monster’s adversaries. Thrusting, ramming, and goring with ferocious intent, Onachus wields his fused horns as a combination of pickaxe and battering ram, cracking bones and collapsing organs as he slams its pointed end hard into his rivals. Though solid bone otherwise, Onachus' individual horns each sport a hollow channel that is used to expel the kaiju's bio-propane; when seen from the front, these "double barrels" give the monster's nasal horn a distinctly shotgun-like appearance.

Trampling Hooves:
Like most ungulates, Onachus' feet bear blunt hooves for gaining traction on the ground; however, due to his massive daikaiju size, the hooves on Onachus' forelegs are longer and almost claw-like, allowing the monster to grip the ground more effectively as well as to viciously stomp and trample downed opponents. The hooves on the brontothere kaiju's hindlegs are more typical of his kind, albeit greatly enlarged, and can easily snap bones with a single well-placed kick.

Rhino Hide:
Rhinoceroses are well known for their thick, almost armored hides: Onachus' skin is no different, if not even thicker proportionately. Over 20 feet thick in some places, the brontothere's leathery hide is quite resistant against intense heat, cold, and electrical currents, making Onachus virtually impervious to most forms of ranged weaponry; as one would expect, Onachus' hide is also resistant to most kaiju's teeth and claws, though slightly less so than with ranged weaponry.

Given his massive bulk and powerful frame, it comes as no surprise that Onachus is a virtually unstoppable force once he really gets moving. With his combination of brontothere, rhino, and horse anatomy, the monster brontothere possesses a unique blend of strength, endurance, and speed while running: his massive brontothere-like shoulders driving his forelegs and supporting his bulky head, sturdy rhino-like body providing balance and driving his hindlegs, and his horse-like lower limbs adapted for maximum ground-impact resistance, Onachus is among the most capable distance-running kaiju known, easily outpacing – and plowing over – most of his foes.

Dual Bio-Propane Cannons:
Much like his mythological namesake, Onachus can generate intense heat and flames as an offensive weapon, though by means unique in the kaiju world: biologically produced propane. Forcibly combining hydrogen and carbon atoms into the proper molecular arrangement, and depressurizing the mixture into a gas, the brontothere can produce massive amounts of "bio-propane". Once expelled, this gas is then ignited by a flint-like nodule in Onachus' sinus cavity, producing an enormous fiery explosion from the two hollow channels in his nasal horn. Snorting out massive, concussive plumes of fire and smoke, Onachus wields his bio-propane spray like a double-barreled chemical shotgun, stunning and flooring his opponents with devastating bursts of scorching flames and choking ash. To protect himself against his own ranged weaponry, both Onachus' nostrils and ears are sealable, and his eyelids are armor-plated much like an ankylosaur's.


Though his senses of smell and hearing are quite acute, Onachus' vision is…less than optimal. Nearsighted much like a rhinoceros, Onachus often behaves like one when startled, rushing straight for the object of his surprise, regardless of what it is. Needless to say, more than a few Defenders have accidentally been on the receiving end of Onachus' nasal horns because of this.

Given his bulky frame, Onachus isn't exactly agile for a kaiju. Even when he is moving at speed, the monstrous brontothere still finds changing his direction difficult.

Perhaps more so than any other monster, Onachus deserves the unflattering title of "dumb jock". Brutish, competitive, and notoriously arrogant, the monster is known the world over for his foul attitude, which he often vents by harassing Rogues, wildlife, and even his fellow Defenders.

Though ultimately good-natured at heart, Onachus is straightforward and prefers using violence to deal with his enemies, believing it to be the most effective option by far. This mentality has permeated Onachus' entire lifestyle, with pushing and shoving being his preferred mode of communication. As one would expect, Onachus isn't a particularly bright kaiju, though he has enough brainpower within his armored skull to get by in life; despite his dull wit, Onachus is regarded as the leader of B.E.A.S.T. in times of combat, though his wiser comrade Arsinoe assumes authority when a more tactical approach is necessary. Amongst his fellow Defenders, Onachus' attitude has made him something of a bully, and he is usually regarded with contempt; the only Defenders that don't outright hate him are his B.E.A.S.T. allies Ngoubou and Arsinoe. His reputation preceding him, Onachus is also detested by the majority of Terrors and Rogues.

Combat Strategy:
Reliant on his raw muscle and his fiery bio-propane expulsions, Onachus is a decidedly close-ranged fighter, preferring to charge directly into combat and meet his enemies head-on. Operating in a linear fashion, the monster typically charges straight for his opponents, his head lowered to deflect obstacles and his enemy's attempts to halt his approach; upon making contact, Onachus will brutally batter and bludgeon his foes with his crowbar-like nasal horn, snapping bones and crippling limbs before knocking them to the ground. If he gains the advantage, Onachus will bring his two tusks into play, stabbing and goring his enemies as his hooves trample and his horns crush; he will continue to do this until he tires, or until his foe is either defeated or dead.

Defensively, Onachus relies on his massive bone structure and thick hide to absorb and deflect opponent's strikes, and pivots around to defend his relatively unguarded hindquarters. As a member of B.E.A.S.T., Onachus is typically the second of the three to strike, following behind the faster Ngoubou to mop up enemy defenses and provide covering fire for Arsinoe, the team's hulking heavy-weapons specialist.

Stepping up to the podium, the suit-clad speaker gently tapped the head of a microphone, immediately garnering the attentions of the large crowd assembled before him. Clearing his throat and discretely drawing a number of notecards from his suit pocket, the speaker began addressing his awaiting audience.

"Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, I am James Berkeley, representative speaker for the British Armed Forces. I welcome you all to the 2010 International GMO Convention, and I hope that we Londoners have been the most hospitable of hosts!"

Pausing briefly to allow in a few polite laughs from the audience, Berkeley then carried on with his prepared remarks.

"Now, as many of you are already aware, the United Kingdom has been seeking to develop its own Defender SGOs for quite some time, for both our benefit and that of our allies across the globe. With the generous assistance of the United States' SGO Corps, our initial research efforts led us to select one of the world's most formidable mammalian herbivores," Berkeley stated, clicking the "Next" button of a small remote control with his right hand. Behind the presenter, a large blank screen flashed to life, displaying several photographs of different rhinoceros species.

"…We determined that rhinoceroses sport all the natural attributes that we sought in a Defender – strength, speed, weaponry, and a combat-ready temperament. As you all well know, the SGOC operates an international program for winning over and acquiring Defenders. The end result of our venture is a cohesive team – a herd, if you will — of three unique Defender kaiju. So without further ado, I present to you the Defenders of the United Kingdom: Onachus, Ngoubou, and Arsinoe!"

The screen went black and suddenly flashed again, cutting to live feed from a helicopter-mounted camera. Flying roughly 400 feet above the ground, the camera slowly panned to the right, taking in three enormous mammals that were travelling across foggy, broken terrain.

"I take it you are all familiar with the recent incidents involving the so-called 'Claw Family'," Berkeley stated, reining in his audience's attention once again. "Our three Defenders have been en route to the Dartmoor region since yesterday. This footage is being taken via helicopter in real time, and hopefully we'll have the opportunity to witness our Defenders demonstrate their combat capabilities in a real-world scenario. As of now, they're less than eight miles from their destination, and our aerial spotters have confirmed that their targets are in the area. So sit back and enjoy the demonstration, everyone, but I must warn the faint of heart that this is a live broadcast event, and that the footage you see before you is neither cut nor censored…viewer discretion is advised."


September 4th, 2010.

Even from this great a distance, they could sense the mammals' approach. Tube-like nostrils pivoting to pinpoint the mammals' direction, the alpha male spinosaur stood up straight, visually scanning the overcast south English countryside for anything out of the ordinary. Search fruitless, he snarled and lowered into a horizontal stance, slowly striding back towards his family and briefly nuzzling with his mate.

This family unit of Baryonyx-like kaiju, their upper torsos clad in insulating protofeathers, their hands sprouting enormous serrated talons, and their nostrils extended into short fleshy stalks, had long been residents in the remote uplands and marshes of Dartmoor, hunting the abundant wildlife and nesting in the granite hillsides for several generations. For some time, the mottled brown-gray theropods had left humanity well alone, finding them neither satiating nor threatening…by some off chance, however, the Claw Family had recently discovered that the humans' livestock were quite appetizing. A perpetual urgency to keep their ravenous chicks fed, the adults eventually began making sorties into human territory, at first only stealing cattle, but they had recently resorted to abducting entire villages, leaving nothing but trampled houses and death in their wakes.

B.E.A.S.T. would be putting an end to it.


Trudging onward over the rough moorland terrain, and oblivious to the filming helicopter flying high above them, B.E.A.S.T. continued their march across the granite-littered plains in a loose A-formation. Abruptly, the brontothere at the lead halted, tar-black head held low in a defensive posture. Before Onachus, a small bipedal reptile – a juvenile, perhaps – had appeared in his path, hissing intensely and brandishing the abnormally large claws on his forelimbs. Taking notice, Ngoubou and Arsinoe also halted, eying both their leader and the intrusive reptile.

Snorting once as a warning, Onachus' tail suddenly went vertical as he lunged forward, charging for the obstinate little reptile and, with a single sweep of his horn, sending the little beast flying several hundred yards. Landing in a crippling heap, the broken reptile screamed and squawked in agony as its shattered extremities lurched in spasms.

The juvenile's shrill cries of death drew in an immediate reply from the dark conifer forests nearby: emerging from the treeline, seven more creatures like it – far, far larger creatures – made a beeline for the juvenile, the second-largest rumbling faintly and gently prodding the juvenile with her elongated snout. No response. Turning to his grieving mate, the alpha male rumbled to her and the rest of the Claw Family, sending her and their daughters solemnly back into the conifer forest: a guttural hiss, and the alpha male was joined by his two enormous sons, all three of them visibly tensing up with agitation.

Pawing the ground and snorting threateningly, Onachus was joined in his efforts by Ngoubou and Arsinoe, the three mammalian monsters readying themselves for imminent combat. Expressing his rage with an intense shrieking bellow, the alpha male spinosaur strode forwards with increasing speed, his two sons following suit close behind. Bellowing in kind, Onachus built up into a thunderous charge towards his opponent, followed by Ngoubou and Arsinoe doing much the same.

Nearly 345,000 tons of muscle and bone were about to collide.


Artist's Commentary:
This is Onachus, DOD's closest kaiju analogue to a rhinoceros. I've had the concept for B.E.A.S.T. on my mind for a very long time: way back when I was still new to DeviantART, in fact. At that time, I had no real use for the concept, so I simply left it by the wayside; however, once I began working on the kaiju for Days Of Dikorus Series Two, I revisited the idea and decided to include the three kaiju in DOD. The group was to be made up of three of prehistory's rhino-like mammals: a brontothere, a dinoceratan, and an embrithopod.

Onachus was inspired by the Onachus of Greek mythology, which is described as a scaly bison-like monster that incinerated everything it touched. In Onachus' design, I incorporated features from assorted species of brontotheres, modern-day rhinoceroses, breeds of draft horses, and tapirs; the original Onachus sported several additional features not seen in this final version, but they all clashed with the rest of his design and were later removed. The kaiju's ranged weaponry was inspired by – believe it or not – the "Blue Rhino" brand of propane fuel. Personality-wise, Onachus was always intended to be an obtuse and often violent brute, despite his Defender affiliations: in many ways, his character is comparable to that of Slag, the surly Dinobot flamethrower from Transformers: G1.

Artistic Notes:
— Onachus has four hooves on his front feet; he has three hooves on his rear feet.
— Onachus' nasal horn is shaped vaguely like a crowbar. Vaguely.
— Body references:… ,… .
— Tusk reference:… .
— Skeleton reference:… .

*First Brontops kaiju on DA!*

*First Brontops kaiju on DA!*
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