HAKQ: More Kikkyou Female Antagonists Picture

Most of you guys are familiar with some of the Kikkyou Antagonists I drew earlier that consisted of Ritsuko, Kaori and Maya right? However Maya isn't an antagonist because her kindness doesn't fit in with the more villainous Kikkyou kids. Same goes for Miharu and Ayumi as well. But THESE girls on the other hand are FAR more villainous, Kaori herself assists with Ritsuko's schemes out of fear but when Kaori and Maya aren't being good enough for Ritsuko she hangs out with the other brutish and 'pretty' girls Sumire Ishizuka and Yoko Nikitas. And there's one female teacher too, in fact there are three female teachers at Kikkyou but one of them is the most villainous and she is Kagura Maki.

Kagura Maki:
Height: 5'4
Weight: 139 lbs

She's a teacher and tutor at Kikkyou Academy whom tutors the subject of Health, despite appearing feminine and girly given her color choice of clothing and lipstick she's actually pretty vulgar and crude and often viewed as a slut by the other girls. Kagura isn't a pleasant person to be around as she is callous and self-serving and the evil version of Sky, both women are similar in personality however Kagura lacks Sky's empathy and compassion towards her students because Kagura has no such care for her students, except for Miharu and Sumire however Kagura isn't as psychotic or mentally unstable as Sky is and, in fact she fears the latter due to her strength and anger issues that are far greater than her own. Whenever Kagura wants something she WILL get it and she knows how to get it too, being able to manipulate people and students for her own gain and sometimes she can act like a nice teacher when in a good mood however she isn't very popular among the student body, except towards the males because they think she's 'sexy' much to the girl's annoyance.

Speaking of which Kagura doesn't think highly of men, viewing them as shallow and 'too easy' to manipulate, the sole exception is Sai Nagato, whom she is implied to be in a secret relationship with and were rumored to have had sex together at one point. Kagura is also somewhat lazy and is apathetic to her job and doesn't really put much effort into grading her student's papers as long as it gets done so she can go do her own thing however she isn't as lazy as the other female teacher Yamada. Her hobbies involve going out to drink and eat ramen, shop for shoes and/or visit the host clubs, and sometimes go catch late night movies at the theater. Despite her being somewhat more feminine she loves to watch baseball and often goes to games to see the other players play. In terms of femininity she is neutral as she is not as feminine as the sweet teacher Kita but she's more feminine than the lazy, tomboyish teacher Yamada. While she seems like she's all stick and no sugar, she isn't completely heartless and she does genuinely love her lover Nagato and seems to genuinely care for Miharu and Sumire because she is able to sympathize with their situations and does actually try to give them some advice to help them.

Sumire Ishizuka:
Height: 5'2
Weight: 128 lbs

An ally and minion of Ritsuko's Mean Girl gang, Sumire at first seems like your stereotypical bullying henchman as she is openly rude, judgmental, cold and snarky to everyone their group comes across and she never hesitates to insult and even bully anyone whom she comes across however there is more to her than that. She looks up to women and especially stronger females in her life, like Ritsuko and Yoko and Kagura because she is a feminist and doesn't seem to like guys very much, so she follows Ritsuko's orders like a sidekick almost however Sumire is not above reprimanding her either when she gets on her nerves. Blunt, cruel and hard-hearted Sumire seems to enjoy being 'bitchy' to people since she thinks it's her being able to be honest and doesn't seem to give any thought her cold judgments will hurt other peoples' feelings. In fact she gets a high out of being mean to certain people because it gives her more of a sense of superiority and because people will fear her, she willingly does her job in beating up people or harshly insulting others who come across their path.

She's not just a feminist she is also secretly a lesbian in the closet, and one of other reasons she follows Ritsuko is out of fear of being bullied or of her orientation ever being found out which will lead to getting bullied so she acts hard and unfeeling to avoid getting hurt even though she takes it too far and becomes a bully herself, however she will NOT bully any other gay kids because she is easily able to sympathize with them. Sumire also secretly looks at other girls when they're not paying attention, and she appears to be attracted to Ritsuko, Maya and Miharu, and when it comes to the Hokori kids she is also attracted to Kuro, Teru and Nori but she is envious of Rika and Kuro's confidence regarding their own sexuality so she acts bitchy towards them out of jealousy. She is also implied to be in love with her closest friend Yoko, whom she has been friends with since the 5th grade since Yoko was the nicest to her back then and often hung out with her when Sumire didn't have anyone else to hang around with. Sumire is often seen with Yoko and they often crack insults about the others together, despite being a tomboy and girly girl Sumire respects Yoko and vice-versa. She is feminine and dresses and even acts as such but she looks down on the weaker girls as she herself has proven to be quite strong despite her size and appearance.

Yoko Nikitas:
Height: 5'5
Weight: 144 lbs

Another ally and minion of Ritsuko's Mean Girl gang and Sumire's closest friend, Yoko is an athlete and a gymnast who aspires to partake in the Olympian Games someday. She is one of Ritsuko's higher prospects due to her agility and fast reflexes however she is not as strong as Minamoto but she is able of taking care of a few people in a fight. One of her biggest skills is acrobatics and can perform numerous flips and is VERY flexible and can also stretch her limbs in places that make the others cringe in shock or disgust, and she often does such tricks just to mess with them. She appears to somewhat respect Ritsuko because of the girl's confidence and dominant personality and so she joined her gang however she also mostly joined as a means to stay close to Sumire, but nonetheless if Ritsuko tells Yoko to beat someone up or make them look bad Yoko is up for it, or at the very least she'll merely keep them at bay and not really beat someone up because she's not one for senseless violence however she still enjoys putting up a good fight. In general Yoko has a proud, standoffish and confident presence to her and thinks lowly of weaker people and weaker and girly girls especially and in fact she despises weakness because of the training she puts herself through and because she's tired of the stereotype about guys being stronger than girls are.

Fittingly to both her surname, jacket and her goals she is of Greek descent since one of her grandparents was Greek-Russian and the other was Japanese, and her Greek-Japanese dad married her Japanese mother and so she herself is Eurasian. Yoko has a very competitive person and is focused entirely on being the 'victor' because of her surname meaning 'victorious' so she aims to win any challenge she comes across no matter how menial it is, she always strives to win and show off her strength at the same time, however she has the skills to back herself up because she's won many 1st place ribbons. She's not above making rivals either and views any other athlete as a threat and often expresses a desire to fight them someday to find out who's stronger, the people she wishes to fight are: Kuro Yorutoki, Teru Hoshino, Rin Aizawa and Mako Tsukino. She secretly looks up to Sky and she aspires to be just like her and wants to get her attention despite them being from different schools. However despite her confidence and athleticism she isn't a very good student because most of her grades are C's and low B's, and because her mother was such a smart student in her day and her dad himself is a doctor and with all the other kids being better testers than herself she took up gymnastics and sports to make up for it because she felt inferior to her smarter classmates and used her newfound strength to feel superior. She's also not above trash-talking to her rivals though and enjoys throwing insults at them just for the heck of it, and she also isn't above gloating about her victories but she is beyond throwing tantrums and putting someone down when they have already lost. Yoko is actually kinder than both Sumire and Ritsuko because she actually shows more compassion towards people they pick on and she doesn't like to bully people who didn't provoke her nor does she like to pick on people who are already bullied enough, however she still listens to Ritsuko because she secretly fears the girl.

Amusingly she believes in the Greek Gods so she's somewhat paranoid whenever they go to certain places that are rumored where Greek Gods are in charge of such as the Ocean or whenever it's thundering she claims it's either Zeus or Poseidon up to it, she knows all about Greek Mythology however her beliefs make other people look at her like she's weird but she thinks THEY'RE the weird ones.

Well ya'll saw these girls, I'll draw some more hopefully you can see the guys next up.
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