Zahhak with his army at the cave entrance Picture

Zahhak (also known as Aži Dahāka) is a Persian mythical character who was actually Arabian.
He was a prince at first and he killed his father -who was a good man - to become king. then he invaded Persia and killed Persian king, Jamshid. He was a cruel and violent king, so because of his bad deeds, Satan kissed his both shoulders and caused two serpents to grow on his shoulders. Serpents started to tease Zahhak, so he asked some wise men to find a solution for the problem. Satan disguised himself as a doctor and visited Zahhak again. He told him that he can calm the serpents by giving them human brain. And Zahhak did just as Satan told him. Each day, he ordered his men to kill two young men and make a dish out of their brains, and after the serpents ate the food, they calmed down.
The harsh story was going on when Zahhak started to have nightmares in which he was killed by three young warriors. He was very afraid and asked his magicians about his dream. They told him that a boy will be given birth that will destroy Zahhak's kingdom. Zahhak started to prevent this by ordering his soldiers to kill each boy that is born. But luck wasn't on his side, because the promised boy, named Fereidun, was given birth and was raised somewhere safe.
Years passed and there was great sorrow in people's hearts. One day, Kaveh, one of Fereidun's friends and a simple black smith, stood up to Zahhak and said that he had enough of all the injustice and sorrow. He brought people to Fereidun's place and then, they started their revolution. Every man and woman fought for freedom. Zahhak's army was defeated and he was captured. Fereidun then incarcerated Zahhak under Alborz mountain (also known as Damavand).
You may ask that why Fereidun didn't just kill Zahhak? but there's an answer for this.
Aži Dahāka means dragon and dragon is symbol of evil and bad deeds in Persian mythology. Dragon's body is filled with evil and if Fereidun killed Zahhak*, his evil would spread into the whole world and destroy everything. So he kept him in prison to prevent the apocalyptic ending
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