Scylla Picture

Done for an English project. We're readin the Odyssey right now (loving it ^-^) and our assignment is to draw on of the scenes that take place during the book. I chose when they were sailing between Scylla and Charbdis and Scylla attaked the ship.

Of course Scylla looks like a big 6-headed dragon in my head. That makes sense. Dragons is what I do best....

Anyways, colored with simple Sharpies.

Question: Does anyone know any techniques that help with the streaking problem with markers? I hate streaking! You can see it in this picture and I absolutely hate it!

Song listened to while working on it: Living Inside the Shell - Steve Conte (from Ghost In the Shell) ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SONG. Seriously. Go look it up on youtube, it's good for your cholesterol.
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