Black Hole Picture

I was reading wikipedia a few weeks ago and this idea came out. I started thinking (a bit too much I might add) about a senshi of a star that had become a black hole. So there are two different images up there. The one on the right is what she used to look like before her star collapsed. This can be seen briefly immediately after she transforms but is soon replaced by the image on the left. All that can be seen is her basic outline and her aura.

Brief bio:


Name: Mashwara Rayu

Gender: female

Age: Immortal (5 million years)

Appearance: Her skin is very dark, nearly black as is her hair. Her eyes are brown. She’s 5’4’’ and weighs 110 lbs. Her frame is very petite.

Clothing style: She prefers to wear lots of baggy clothes and has a distinct fondness for cool belts and chunky necklaces.

Personality: She’s very calm and withdrawn. She hates having to deal with people.

Education: none; she’s never been to any kind of formal school.




Fears: large crowds, mannequins

Dislikes: bathing suits

Likes/Hobbies: dancing

Favorite Food: Everything

Least Favorite Food: nothing

Favorite Gemstone: obsidian

Least Favorite Gemstone:

Favorite Color: black

Least Favorite Color: puce; not because the colour is bad but because the word sounds like puke.

Favorite Mythological Animal: sphinx

Favorite Earth Animal: Labrador dogs

Favorite Earth Flower: Night Queen tulips

Least Favorite Flower: daisies

Family: long dead


Senshi Name: SailorRayu

Senshi Title: The inescapable soldier

Planet: Black hole Cygnus X-1


Aura Color: kind of bluish

Colors: black

Type of Character In Battle: offensive

Weapons: Gravity staff: it’s a long pole with a slowly rotating disk around its center.

Fuku Design: Her fuku is only visible for a brief moment once her henshin sequence concludes as all light around her is absorbed. All that remains visible is a faint bluish glow around her.


Henshin Phrase: Distortion Release

Origin of Power/Influence: Gravity with powers coming from light

Elemental strengths: Energy

Elemental weaknesses: Life/Holy


Power name: Event Horizon

Attack Type: defensive

Description: Temporarily freezes people in place

Power name: Energy Jet

Attack Type:

Description: Shoots a blast of energy both in front and behind her. They aren’t very powerful and, at best, do little damage. Typically, they stun her opponent.

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