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So eh,i've been thinking on doing a MLP OC that is a Alicorn.I know,no one likes alicorns for several reasons,i know i have some of the hatred also...BUT~ i wanted to create a alicorn that would make sence.There are a few alicorn art work here in DA that i really like because the character makes sence.And there are alot...and i mean alot that doesn't.I don't know if mine would be a great alicorn or a crappy one...oh well,what can i do about it~
Time for description ;w;
Gender-Male (colt)
Birth-11 october (the day i created him)
Age-19 (human age,or if it's the same for pones :I)
Cutiemark-Making good wishes come true
Backstory-Astrophel lives in the modern days (when the series goes)BUT his(or his father's)kindom is faraway.No where near close to any known places and so that means he doesn't know who the mane 6 are.
He lives with only his father,a alicorn, and his older brother that is only a unicorn.His mother,wich she is also a unicorn,passed away when he was a filly from a spell that causes severe(is that how you spell it? .__. no pun intended...) sickness.Since then,there is a statue of her in the garden behind their castle.The reason how his mother was hit by that spell is for another story.
Now for how he got his cutiemark.
There are some ponies that says,wishing on a star and have that wish a reality is not possible.Some may say that it's just a fairy tail story.When Astrophel was a filly(before his mother passed away),he was in love with the stars in the night sky.He loved his father's creations of comets and stars.With the mythological story he had heard,he wanted to see if it's possible.At one specific night,from all the other nights of trying and to know the truth,he found out that he's the wishing star.(I don't want to be really detailed on that part sorry ;_; )
Each year in a specific night and time,he would use his wings to fly as fast as a comet,and he would use his magic to collect all the wishes and would grant the good ones.He doesn't want to grant bad wish but only the good ones.The night he would do for each year is the 5th September at 10 pm (that date made me think for a while xD) He really enjoys what he's doing since the first time.
End of description

Well!That took me a while...
Anyways,thank you for looking,favoriting and/or commenting at my work.Until next art!
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