Diella Messia Picture

NAME: Diella Messia
SWEEPS: 8 Sweeps
TROLLTAG: fadingEclipse
TYPING QUIRK: enunciates Every other Word very Carefully and Really doesnt Know when To end Her sentences.
PERSONALITY: Prefers books over people, and is usually spending her free time reading rather than socializing. Incredibly skilled in hunting and combat, and of good intelligence, but her skills in almost everything else are sub par- whenever she does socialize she comes off as kind of awkward and nerdy for the most part. She really isn't all that good with technology, and will avoid using it, excluding her handheld, which she only keeps for communication purposes.
INTERESTS: Mythology, religion, books, hunting,
SYMBOL: Sun symbol (a circle with a dot in the center, basically)
OTHER: She is blind in her left eye, which is why it is colored a cloudier grey than her other iris.
Strife Specibi: Spearkind
Fetch Modus: Color Modus
Lusus: Three eyed sun bear
Quadrants: Had a moirail, though they died, so none.
Title: Warrior Of Space
Land: Land Of Blades And Furs
TEST LINK: [link]

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