The Transformers: Monster World Picture

"Their World is More Than Meets the Eye"

So, as a fun little project for myself, I'm going to write fan novels here on DA to sort of practice on my writing, as well as maybe make a name for myself. I want to start on two different stories, one original and one fan story.
This story popped in my mind a while back while playing an RPG game. There are a lot of concept stories on monsters in rpg and anime regarding werewolves, vampires, and then non-monsters or non-humans (whatever they can be categorized as) such as dwarves and elves. And then there is the concept of "monsters vs aliens" stories. Then I thought "what if there was a monster vs aliens story that could focus on both sides?" Now I have another original story to go this route, but for now I decided to go with another story.

As for the art here, I made this with both COPIC Markers and watercolors. The logo was just a paste from the clipboard. There's a tutorial for that. The design for the poster is based off the classic 1980's "The Transformers: The Movie" poster, which is here via Pinterest.

Intro Synopsis:

"The Transformers: Monster World" focuses on a small team of human sized Autobots, who have crashed on a planet inhabited by humans, animals and creatures from ancient Earth mythology. The resemblance of life on this world is incredibly uncanny compared to life on Earth during the medieval times. Unfortunately for our unlikely heroes, they've found themselves in the middle of a human vs monster war for supremacy of the planet. Worse still, there is a large crashed ship of a legion of Decepticons, charged with the duty of hunting down Autobot refugees and Decepticon Deserters, similar to that of the Decepticon Justice Division. These hunters are led by the notorious Bludgeon, who wishes to see the survivors destroyed.
After the group crashes, they meet a girl named Ella: a knight who was cursed into a Vampeer, a demon-like being. She soon believes these Autobots are hope from the stars that can help break the curse on her, as well as perhaps end the war of her world. However, they all will soon learn that this war is not as it seems: there are heroes and villains on both sides. In the end, whose side will they choose? Can there be peace between humans and non-humans, or nothing but war and chaos? And how will our Autobot heroes escape the planet? There is even more going on as they find out that this world has already been greatly impacted by the Autobot-Dectpicon Civil War.

This story will have both influences and references to the current ongoing IDW comics, but for the sake of both originality and from spoiling the comics (for anyone who hasn't or wants to read them), the story will take place in an alternate continuity of the original G1 Cartoon show specifically.

Main Characters

FireFight / Michael
FireFight takes his name from the Aerial Bot Fire Fly, whom rescued him from one of Shockwave's labs. He was once a human by the name of Michael, but the Decepticon Scientist Shockwave experimented on him in hopes of finding a way to transform organic matter into cyber matter. Ever since then, FireFight has developed great hatred towards Shockwave and any and all of his creations. Despite the change in his life, FireFight can transform back and forth between his human form and robot mode. He also retains a few organ systems, making him one of the few cyber-organic Cybertonians in existence. His organ systems even work along with his new body, as if he had been this way all this time. The systems that he still retains are his digestive system and his reproduction system. He is extremely nervous about the latter, and when someone tries to bring it up he immediately changes the subject. His fellow Autobots don't understand this as they are of a different anatomy than many organics.
He has tried to fit in with the Autobots, but he feels that his small size has made it impossible to do so. However as the story begins, he'll meet others who are in the same boat as him.

Elle was once a knight for a platoon of soldiers. During a battle, the platoon was wiped out by enemy forces. Worse yet the battle was a diversion to attack Elle's home town. She managed to escape, but returned to her town after it had been captured. To add insult to injury, the ones her captured her home town were three of the Vampeer Princesses. One of them placed a curse on her just as she tried to escape again, so that she would suffer for the rest of her life.
In a town far away from the front lines, her sister and brother-in-law bravely took her in against their town's better judgement. She was pelted with rocks, yelled at, all because of her new appearance and red eyes. She then started wearing a cloak to better conceal herself whenever she is shopping in town. For two years she has had to suffer for no longer being human, and her sister and brother-in-law have always protected and sheltered her. One night she sees a shooting star. She then wishes upon it that someone can come save her from the nightmare she lives in day to day. Of course her wish comes true when that shooting star is actually the Autobot escape pod our Heroes are currently in, and nearly crashes into her.

New to the Autobot cause, Tailgate is a huge liar. To get onto the Ark II, he lied to Rodimus Prime that he was a Bomb Disposal expert. In truth he was in charge of waste disposal before the war, and in a way he still was. His new found friends soon learn of this, and he soon takes lessons from Rewind via old tutorial videos on "How not to Explode". He however has a hidden skill that he has yet to realize himself. He is incredibly crafty when it comes to ideas and plans, which he could easily turn into a strategy. However his childishness gets in the way of realizing this.

The leader of the small band of mini-bots, she decides that even after the mission prior to their crash she is still in charge. She has a powerful leadership skill, and she wants to prove to others that she can be a great leader even if she is a Minicon. Unfortunately for her, she now leads a gang of misfits. Much like her original appearance in the Armada Comics, she has an Italian accent.

Unlike most Autotbos, he did not join on the Autobot's side simply because it was about being the good guy. To him, it was also a chance for adventure, and something possibly awesome. And just as he wanted, he got what he wished for. A Cybertronian adventure like no other, and he'll have plenty of stories to tell if he survives on this new world. He is a mineralogist, in which case comes in handy. Since this new world lacks in technology, it more then makes up for helping Swerve become the team's blacksmith expert. He is able to identify what materials are needed for things such as repairing, mending and building. He knows he's no Brainstorm, but he promises to himself and to his team that he'll do his very best.

If there's anything that Rewind loves most, it's history. But what's better than history? Making it of course! And Rewind is ready to record every minute of it. He has many recordings with him as well. Some that are useful, and some that aren't. He uses medical recordings to become the team's unlicensed medic, as well as helping Swerve become the team's blacksmith/mechanic and Tailgate become an ACTUALL Bomb Expert. He has a tale about how he survived an encounter with a Decepticon leader known as Overlord and how he took pieces of Overlord's corpse and added them to himself in order to survive on a hostile planet. Such is why his alt mode is a crude looking tank, according to him. Of course the recording of his survival was lost, so he could never prove his adventures ever happened in the first place, and no one would ever believe he fought and won against Overlord.

Swirl is the Spark Daughter of the Autobot scientist Wheeljack and female Decepticon Scientist Starlight. Swirl was created in an attempt to keep the Cybertronian race from ceasing to exist in the future. As it turns out, it was discovered by Starlight via ancient records that if the fragment of a male Spark and the fragment of a female Spark are united, they form a brand new Spark. And that's how Swirl was born. Of course her's and her sisters' birth came with a drawback: the protoform factory which created form-able bodies for newborn Cybertronians was destroyed during the war by Megatron himself, in order to keep any more newborns from joining the Autobots. Thus, the only thing left were bits and pieces of poorly produced protoforms, which Starlight used to create smaller bodies, more than enough for her newborns. Swirl is thus one of the first Cybertronians to be born from what is classified by Wheeljack as "Spark Crossing".
Swirl, despite her colors is bat crazy. Her stealth jet means nothing about her, and she tends to get on Falcia's nerves. She is also a huge fan of Whirl as she has a personal poster of him with his crudely written autograph. She dreams of being a Wrecker on day.

Assisting Characters

Rodimus Prime
After being knighted by Optimus as a fellow Prime, Rodimus took to the stars aboard the Ark II with his own team of Autobots. After Megatron's defeat, Optimus Prime and his team would stay on Earth to protect the humans and hatch a plan to take back Cybertron, while Rodimus' team went to search for refugees that escaped from the war on Cybertron to the stars. While searching the stars, the Ark II is ambushed by Bludgeon's ship. Rodimus orders a retaliation, but when that fails he orders an evacuation of the ship and crash lands the Ark II on the other side of the Monster World. Despite that everyone's escape pods were programmed to land near Ark II's crash site, our heroes' pod malfunctions and crashes them on the other half of the planet. The two Autobot groups are separated by an ocean and several continents. And more bad news is, Rodimus can't send a rescue team to Faclia's group due to the barrage attacks from Bludgeons Decepticons.

King Naphtali
King Naphtali is the king of the human kingdom Musiclas. When he finds out about Elle and her torment as both a non-human and a deserter, he publicly excuses her as a surviving POW and has given her his greatest apology, going so far as to allow her to live in the castle if she so chooses. The king is a very humble, kind hearted man. He understands that the war is pointless, but continues it only to further protect his people and those affected by it. He has at several times tried to form alliances with non-humans, going so far as to dishonor himself in an effort to gain allies against the enemy monsters. However each kingdom has refused, only to choose to fight for their own.
He deeply regrets sacrificing countless numbers of his soldiers, and punishes himself by going to every funeral of theirs, as well as going to each and every family that loses them and apologizes. Despite the sorrowfulness, he can be somewhat cheerful. He enjoys a good joke and loves to look at the art his children and the children of his kingdom draw (think of him as an armored Santa Clause). So far the king has five children. One of his children, the oldest died protecting Elle in battle, yet the King does not blame Elle for this as he knew his son was willing to put down his own life for others.
Swerve often calls him King Neph, which becomes a running gag as this nickname is slowly picked up by everyone, including the most honorable of the king's men.

Prince Aron
The second oldest of the king's children, Aron is Elle's childhood friend, as well as Elle's first crush. However their relationship broke apart when the prince was forced to join the army by his older brother. In order to get closer to him Elle joined later on, but this would soon be her greatest mistake. Aron since then blames himself for what happened to Elle, and promises her that he would make up for it someday. When he cannot join her and Falcia's Autobot team, he makes FireFight promise to always protect Elle, even if she is more than capable of taking care of herself.

Elle's older sister and Jacob's wife. She and her childhood friend turned husband own a farm together. When she discovered Elle and her curse, she without question brought Elle to her home to keep her safe. She and Elle are two years apart and are very close. Before being married the two always practice sword play since their father was a blacksmith. She admits that she was never a good swordsman as her sister was, but she makes up for being motherly.

When they married, Jacob brought Chelle away from her home town in hopes that he could protect her from the diminishing borders. He regrets leaving her little sister behind. For this, he makes up for it by always protecting Elle when she is cursed and fights her battles when she is in trouble. When mobs come to his farm to drag Elle out, he always fights them off with his bare hands. When the Autobots arrive, he makes them promise to help Elle brake her curse, and help end the war that claimed so many lives.


Originally a well-endowed warrior, he has since become a Decepticon leader. In the wake of the war, he was ordered by Megatron himself to take a platoon of Cons to the stars and wipe out Autobot refugees that escaped, so that the Autobots on Cybertron would not recieve any addittional support. Bludgeon bears a grudge against the Autobot turned scientist Jetfire, as he is the cause for loosing his lower jaw at the start of the war, even if it was an accident. He also wishes to do battle with Rodimus Prime, in hopes of avenging his fallen leader.

Though not present in the story, he will appear in flashbacks when they become relevant. However, for some odd reason there are Cybertronian recordings of his scattered all over the Monster World. Falcia's team will soon learn that there is a deep connection between this world and Shockwave, whether they like it or not. Shockwave is also responsible for taking most of Michael's humanity away, and has since earned FireFights hatred.

Queen Kalei
Originally a servant to her king, she since assassinated the Vampeer King and claimed herself as Queen of all Non-humans. She somehow managed to coax the other non-humans kingdoms to ally with hers, and soon formed the Collection of Anti-Humans. With her strange powers, she destroyed what little peace there was between the humans and non-humans, and now urges for Humanities extinction. Her reason for hating humans is unknown, but she has since been feared by all but one. She has waged her war against humanity for more than twenty years. She soon received a prophecy from an old witch, stating that an angel named Michael would descend from the heavens and vanquish her. Though she does believe in the prophecy, she believes her eldest daughter is ready to succeed her, and is thus ready to take on the so called angel. Little does she know that the angel has wings of steel.

Princess Dorinda
The second oldest daughter of the Queen of Non-Humans, she sees the war as unnecessary and feels differently about humanity. Despite this, she is not ready to defy her mother, or her brother and sisters. She wishes to prove she is more worthy to succeed the throne than her older sister, but she wishes to end the war once she is in power. She has similar feelings much like King Naphtali, in which she cares deeply about her people and family, but she hides those feeling in order to protect them at the same time.

Princess Aadi
The first born Princess of the Vampeer kingdom, she is also responsible for Elle's curse. She is by far the most cruel of her kind, even crueler than her mother. She is easily the favorite of the Queen's daughters, which makes her younger sister Dorinda an enemy. Aadi often bullies Dorinda for trying to better her, going so far as to mock Dorinda and her ideals. She earns both Elle's and Dorinda's hatred, and becomes a fierce arch enemy of FireFight in the story, after he realizes that if he kills Aadi, the curse on Elle and others will be broken.

The Transformers, characters, likeness and logo are © Hasbro and Takara
Art and all other original characters and story © SpaceRaider AKA Kevin

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