Northern Aldar Picture

One of the races of the Aldar race. Requested by, they're the Northern Aldar.

Appearence: They're called Moon, Snow, Ice or Cave Elves. Their appearance is that of Pale Skin, Transparent Hair (Appears White just like Polar Bears) and Blue eyes. Their ears are smaller than those from other Aldar races.

Origin and culture: They originate from the first aldar tribes that after being shipped to Ardar migrated to the extense forests of the northern Ardar continent. There, the already nature-worshipping tribes stablished and started building small villages of hunters and gatheres next to rivers, great lakes, huge rock formations, gigantic redwood-like trees and other natural places that were considered sacred. A few centuries later a new religion rose and espectacular shrines where constructed in those sacred places to honour their gods in them. The ones to construct those shrines where the female priests of these new religion whose multiple deities had both a female and a male counterpart, and that's why their the most equally-gendered of the Aldar races, although on their mythology heros are mostly females, while most demos are depicted as males. They're also the only Ardar race that doesn't use tame wild animals for their benefit traditionally. Their societies were ruled by the priestess of each shrine, and a female warrior-elite developed within them to protect towns from the Feladar and other Aldar kingdoms. They were never a warfaring race and they simply plowed the Earth and hunted in the forest always respecting the life that dwelled in their territories. Chi-teaching schools, both with male and female masters, appeared in the greatest towns, next to the shrines,to teach talented students to rule Chi control, combined with traditional martial arts. About three-hundred years before the human invasion, they adopted a similar lifestyle like that of Eastern Aldar which included choosing the ruler of each city, but under de rule of one Eastern Aldar Royal family.

Modern culture: After much trade and conflicts with Eastern Aldar Queens, they adquired some of their culure customs, such as the domestication of animals, and the construction of modern cities inside the trees and rocks. Although traditionally the Northern Aldar has been the less belicous of the Ardar habitants, they look cold and distantly aggresive to other ethnies. In modern times they combine perfectly tradition and progress, as they're the most religious aldar race, with most of the population still going weekly to their shrines to pray to their ancient gods. Actually some of the most imporanti inventions of the modern ardar world were made by Northern Aldar, such as multiple steampunk machines, inculding mechanical prosthetics, a lot of medical discoveries including lots of different vaccines, and they're also greatly reowned as fashion designers. They still they celebrated and participated in lots of religious festivities and traditions, but after the human invasions and the destruction of most of the places they considered sacred their culture practically disappeared, although some secret sects still practice the old religion, but in private.

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