Greater Thurge Picture

hehehe a woman at the train station saw me drawing this and 'moved'. gave me a good giggle. I had to share it just cause of that fact ^.^

part of a story, sort of meta gods, I'm calling em thurges for now. a collection of concentrated emotional energy of a particular type. lesser ones crop up all over the place, but the strongest ones appear to have recurring permanent forms, appearing in mythology as angels, demons gods and such like. They are none of these things. just primal manifestations.

This guy is one of the worst of them, and I'm still trying to get the look right for him. he is 'Helpless rage'. Born from the pure rage of guardsmen watching vile men they capture walk free through a loophole in the law; tortured prisoners, mothers watching their sons go to war; children watching their mothers beaten, the rage of those who cannot fight back.

That space between the two masks? with the teeth? that's his mouth
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