Sea Dweller's Wrath Picture

(Och, this took a bleeding eternity to upload.)

For my sibling, whose aspirations swept him into marine biology. Happy birthday~!


Holy ravioli on a ten tonne cracker, that's a hippocampicorn! Something tells me they weren't born with a lot of patience. Best for the little seahorsies to split before this guy blasts the dragonmaid a fin-full of magic! I told you making (and breaking) deals with them would end this way. They deal with roe magic after all, turpid business!

Now that G4 MLP's got griffins, dragons, the chimera, phoenixes and some other significant creatures of mythology-- where does that place hippocampi? I hope the fandom's done being sore over the "shoo-be-doo" singing variant from the rivers of west side Uncanny Valley and be a mite more open about the idea. It may run the risk of becoming a marketing ploy and isn't likely going to happen anytime soon, but I'd love to see some pony-sea-creature-hybrids in the show.

Must say, the crab's awfully complacent of the precarious situation about to unfold. Go on, shoo!


See the sketch here.

(Oop, looks like there are mild anatomical discrepencies a-floating. Eh, I could always learn to do better, who says I can't?)
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