Blasticorn Picture

Engine 57, Blasticorn, a hybrid between a rocket and an Unicorn. Unicorn itself is a mythological horse that has a long cone-like horn that mounted on it's forehead. It also said that Unicorn's blood could make us live forever. His name is also came from the name "black hole", a zone in the space that has stronger gravity than any place, even stronger than in earth. So, everything above it would be sucked into it and can't get out again FOREVER. Once sucked, you'll be trapped there FOREVER. In the serial, Blasticorn was an evil engine, along with Platteplent and the others. They were combined into a giant NOVA DRAGON and it was of course, a very hard and "uphill" battle, so Engine-Oh and the Go-Ongers had to try harder than face Gaiark. NOVA DRAGON was brainwashed by an evil brainwasher engine, but after they cured, Blasticorn was owned by Go-On Blue. He could formed the head and neck for Nova Dragon.
RPM Name: Unicorn Launcher

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