Saint Joseph Picture

saint joseph done in copics & a sakura multiliner on a canvas
the vessle on te right represents mary & the small bowl behind it represents jesus, the dark plank represents everlasting life outside of this world (as why its continued off the canvas) the small toolbox is jesus tools after all im sure he helped his daddy in the shop. the boards to the back represent the fact that NOBODYS WORK IS EVER TRUELY DONE. the walls are plastered over representing how chistianity has been taken down broken up & patched up to both help & hurt others, the sand & sawdust are shifting daily no grain of sand will be in the same place tomarrow or a second from now. the hammer represents noris mythology, (ok if you dont get it read up on thors tree) i decided to do saint joseph not in the traditional way because im not a traditional person so i based his features on my ex boss & friend. the muscles are because hes a laboror. workbench i represents no matter how straight you think life can be theres always things to take you off your path, the trick is finding your way back, EVERYTHING IN MY ART IS THERE FOR A REASON, if you dont understand a piece i did, ask me
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