Asra's influence map Picture

(i may have dumped or forgotten some, anyway...)

There is no particular order in my influence except for number 1 which is my absolute first.

1. Charles Baudelaire : french poet. Inspired me in so many way. Long story short, i think he made my conception of art and characterization what it is now : beauty beyond good and bad. But this is a really really non exhaustive description.

2. Norse mythology: its folklore, its legends, its gods personalities. Strong, brutal but oh so human, far much more than any other mythology.

3.Nobuteru Yuki: and especially Dilandau's character. well...just watch escaflowne already, you'll understand: beauty and ugliness all in one.

3'.Wild Arms : got to me at the same time as escaflowne did and has a lot of common points with it. I absolutely loved the atmosphere, the mix of heroic fantasy and technology, the music, the character...EVERYTHING. Still my favorite game of all time.

4. Frazetta: one of my numerous god in painting. I like the way he drew girls a lot : strong, savage and feminine to the utmost. His girls may have inspired a lot of mine.

5.Grand Youkan: i adore his characters, they're so fun and different with cool designs each. I like his sense of fashion and his colors.

6.Goats and Rams: probably my favorite animals with tigers and crows. I got a lot of inspiration from their horns, fur, attitude, spirit. Nature did an incredibly creative thing with them. They're beautiful animals.

7.Arthur Rackham: fffffffffffffff...what can i say...? he was a genius. From his creatures to his characters everything is so well mastered and feel so real...i'd like my own charas to look this natural and eerie.

8.Siegfried: SCREW THOSE LONG HAIR!! gah! my first love, really. TT Young, strong, tragic, beautiful, turned crazy by the end...a very deep character. The Soulcalibur series absolutely did him NO justice. He looked pathetic. I live clinging to the memory of the young fiery man he was.

9.Nature + abandoned places: seriously...what's more beautiful than nature? Nature that takes possession of human places. I love abandoned city, phantom town and such...

10.Music: cocorosie is my fav, but i get inspiration from pretty much anything. Music makes movies in my head. SRLY.

11.Le Caravage: another god of the brush. I like his atmospheres a lot. The way innocence dances with perversity and creepiness. And the fact that most of the time said perversity and creepiness are the clothes of his angels. He painted children who can eat the world.

12.Punk: its spirit mostly inspire me. As well as fashion and music. Strangely it's not even my favorite kind of music.

13.Bones and death: yes. Not that i like guro (i hate guro to be honnest), but death, morbid and macabre inspire me. Bones are an essential an redundant tool in my creative universe.

14.Tarot: mostly its symbolical meaning. I'm very attached to symbolism, zodiacs, alchemy, angelology, demonology, etc... i use them a lot in my drawings.

15. Strong Personality : and not personalities/people. I don't mean Marlon Brando inspired me, but he got the kind of personality i like. He didn't care about what people thought of him, made his life how wanted it to be, took positions, never backed down, was free and unique. I like this kind of strength.
I also learned not so long ago that i use the same character making method for my comics, he used for acting in his films. See this if you are interested : [link] .

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