St Michael Picture

this is officially my First Deviation!
yay XP
well, it's my first picture uploaded to this place..

although i've been a member for some time now and made use of the excellent facilities, i haven't had the guts to put anything up yet.... till NOW.

this is just a simple lineart i did from getting bored, but the thing i'm most happy with is the general consept. i enjoy mythology as much as the next deviant. particularly to do with biblical/angelic stuff (yes, i'm a christian, but don't worry i won't be bashing any bibles on here)

anyway, this is supposedly a picture of St Michael, the angel reputed to have thrown the devil from paradise (as shown in this image.. sort of) and to be guarding eden. along with a flaming sword

gotta love the flaming swords XD

i'd like to use this opportunity to thank people like ~Crysa, *pandabaka and ~whitehaiku for their amazing tutorials that have helped me a lot with this and hundreds of other pictures
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