Soul of Excalibur: Colored Picture

Mythology Returns

"For every objected used, a portion of the wielder's soul or spirit becomes part of that object. Memories giving life to things that were once never alive. But what about objects of power? Objects once wielded by gods, heroes and blessed people: do they already have something else? Are they born alive?"


GENDER: Female

The sword of Excalibur is the sword King Arthur once wielded. The sword brought peace, equality and justice to people who once were ruled by a tyrant, King Uther, Arthur's Father. But it also saw the death and fall of its great kingdom it once protected. At King Arthur's fall, Excalibur was given back to its resting place, the lake it was born in.

Excal was born of water, earth and sun. These elements only gave it life, but it was man that gave it its soul. It is rumored that Excal is The Lady of The Lake or at least clone of the water deity.


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