I love this series. Picture

I felt like drawing Thalia fangirling over a series she should hate. XD
So Thalia seceretly loves the Percilla Jhonson and the gods series. Its like a parody of Percy jackson,Percy Jackson= Percilla Jhonson. The lightning theif= the moon theif, Camp half-blood=camp Demigod, get it? eh probably not but oh well.

But anyway Thalia seceretly loves this series for who knows what reason, But she would never tell her family that because they think it dosen't portay the gods well, or accuratly. But Thalia loves it so she counts on her big brother Deimos to keep the seceret. So he has to put up with it. XD

But basically it's all the same premis as percy jackson: Percilla Jhonson has been kicked out of several schools and when she is kicked out for the sixth time in six years something strange happens. Mythological creatures seem to comeing to life, and when she is taken to a place called camp Demi god, they keep telling her her father is a Greek god. And now she must prevent an olympian civil war by finding the stolen moon chariot of Artemis before the summer solstace.

thalia read it for a cheap laugh and has been hooked ever since.
Plus her name was a percy jackson refernce so I just had to. XD
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