68:Emperor Antoku Picture

This is #68 of my 100 scary stories based on Japanese mythology and folklore

A little background first
At the battle of Dan-no-ura the Minamoto clan finally defeted their rivals the Taira clan, the Taira, rather then face defete at the hands of the Minamoto, all jumped into the sea and drowned themselves, including the child emperor Antoku, it's said that the ghosts of the Taira still haunt the site of the battle and the surronding area, which includes a cemetery

Nowthen, what I made is Lupin the 3rd and Jigen rescueing the ghost of the child emperor Antoku, but there being chased by the ghosts of Taira warriors who want their emperor back (the truth is that Antoku actually dosen't want to go back to them)

I kind of based Antoku's design off of that little ghost boy from the Grudge movies, and as out of place as the butterfly emblems may seem, that was the family crest of the Taira clan, and the ghost with the crab claw is because there's a certain species of crab whose shells look like samurai faces, and so are believed to be the reincarnations of the Taira

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