Athena Lineart Picture

Done on a 4.75"X 9" space (roughly) to an 8.5"X 11" sheet of paper. Since I've been sick pretty much all day today and yesterday, I've had ample time to finish most of the line to her. Quite literally, you are only looking half of the subject right now. I thought it would be a good time to post up some reference line art of my version of Athena before the drawing got too cluttered up with the rest of the subject. This isn't saying much to those of you who can draw people better than me, but this is got to be one of my best poses I've ever drawn on a female subject. What makes it even better is that I didn't even need to use any existing poses as reference, this one is completely sketched down from memory. lately I've been playing a lot of Soul Calibur 4 on my new PS3, so I borrowed one of the poses, memorized it and sketched it out. I only referenced different things such as hands, feet, face, and certain armor details off of my previous pictures of Athena, other than that the basic pose is all me.

The armor design is pretty much the same on her, but you'll notice that I've incorporated some abdominal muscle details to Athena's breast plate, added a couple of buckle details on the some of the straps to her equipment, added broaches to her cloak, and I put a simple detail on the sword sheath. Though the most noticeable detail is, that I actually bothered to draw her fully adorned in all of her plate armor, this being her gantlet on her right arm and her helmet (which I've also redesigned). Her helmet was a bit of a challenge to draw because, I had to redesign the Pegasus headdress detail, I just wasn't impressed with it's previous design. I will draw a close up of it later.

I pretty much had all the lineart all drawn out and inked late Sunday night and finished cleaning up her lineart Monday night. I've done some digital editing to clean up any leftover stray pencil/eraser marks on the outer lines, to help make her "digital painting friendly" to anyone who feels like coloring her in on GIMP, Paint Shop, or anything else.

For colorists and those who want to use my lineart, please use the honors system and please don't plagiarize my artwork. Always post a source link to the original work, that being this art piece right here. I know that I am a nobody artist, but that's usually how art gets stolen in the first place.
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