#039 VESIRE Picture

Type: Fire/Fairy

Ability: Serene Grace / Healer

Hidden Ability: Flame Body

Signature Move: Holy Flame*

* Move Fairy-type: Cause Burn status in case your opponent Hp is above 50% or cure any harmful status if HP is below 50%


Vesire, the Pokémon calls home. They are calm, serene and very helpful. Can produce pink color of flames in the arms, the clarity of these flames has soothing properties and when touched can have healing powers or flammable, depends on the will of this Pokémon. They are usually trained as helpers and not for battles.

base Mythological:

Inspired by Hestia (Vesta in Rome), the goddess of the home and the fire, considered the kindest of the gods. Gave up his place on Olympus to Dionysus. In response, Zeus gave the house key (Olympus) to it, making it responsible for ensuring abode of the gods. Every Greek city has an altar dedicated to her. When the Greeks changed their home or found new cities used to take part of the fire of your old fireplace and lighting the new fire of his house, thus ensuring Hestia protection. The goddess this is done without the cooking power of bread and the preparation of domestic meals through fire. Hestia is still considered the flame of sacrifice, ie part of any sacrifice to any god, belongs to her.

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