The Dark Tower Picture

Another drawing/landscape from a dream... Man, I'm bad at landscape stuff.

Well, anyway, I finished this last night but didn't submit it until now. I guess you could say it's in the same 'world' as the blood-canyons... Can you spot the human? Hint: Look near the bottom/base of the tower.

The Dark Tower is so named because of the shockingly dark-hued stone used to build it. In mythology, heroes have climbed it, but no known person has actually reached the top. Not that the top can be seen... Over the thousands of years the tower has stood tall, it's makers utterly unknown, it as crumbled. Hollow on the inside with steps spiraling upwards to the top, these steps, the walls, the rooms in the walls that make 'stops' among the stairs... Have all crumbled away in various places. But it is fabled, that at the top, the rooms hold significance, and are furnished. Various deities of snow, ice, water, rain, storms, blizzards, flurries, glaciers, monsoons, and more, are said to occupy the rooms and the great banquet halls. In the stories of myth, brave heroes would climb to the top of the tower, perhaps to ask the deities to stop blizzards they started, that happened to be killing the hero's village near the tower, or the like...

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