Matilda Picture

Name: Matilda Oxley

Age: 15

Species: Human

Date of Birth: 16th April 1997

Appearances: Freckles, maroon-red hair, pink shirt, blue jeans, maroon-red shoes, brown goggles, brown leather gloves and teal eyes

Personalities/Hobbies: She is the brains and brawl (meaning that she is smart, strong, a bit bossy and determined). Can able to summon electric powers by her invention - Electro-Glove and can use her brain for the calculations of anything possible. Despite it, she had problems with her gloves. Wanted to become an inventor when she grew up

Background: British-Australian girl who lived with her siblings - Nathaniel and Liam, single father and aunt. Her mother died of breast cancer when she and Nathaniel were young during her (Matilda's mother) birthday. Despite her appearance and personality, she likes to read mythology - especially folklore monsters. That reason is when she was placed to fight against evil monsters who manipulate innocent monsters.

Family: Sean (father), Wanda (aunt), Liam (older brother) and Nathaniel (older brother)

Choice of voice: Brittany Anne Pirtle

Live action role: Marny Kennedy (Australian child actress [link] [link])
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