Sianach Picture

Argothia: Another Omnicorn Character, he and Xyn ([link]) are pretty much my only two Omnicorns.

Alias(es): Si
Alternate Form: Wolf and Human
Bio: Sianach was captured as a colt by the owner of a popular circus, he quickly became known as the most dangerous creature there having bitten the animal trainer on more then one occasion and outright attacking another creature they had placed in the pen with him. He eventually killed the trainer and escaped.
Personality: Extremely short-tempered, Si hates everything and being raised by humans did not help his attitude, he never learned the Omnicorn law of "do not kill what you will not eat" and, even if he had, he often falls into moments of blind rage. He could easily be termed a Berserker.

There it is. Everything you need to know about Si, except that his name comes from an old Celtic mythological carnivorous Elk.

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Omnicorns, art, and character belong to me.
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